Maria Mulleady - Kershaw

Female , Vet , (Drighlington BC )

CTT Number: 3956

Member since: 13 Apr 16


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Date Event Course Distance Club Position Result Speed
31-08-2020 Drighlington BC (Cheques to I Galbraith)(2 events 120 Machines) V236/1 25 Miles DNF
02-09-2018 Cleveland Coureurs / VTTA (North)(All Ages)(Cheques to G Russell)(Entries close 24/08/18) T252/3 25 Miles DNS
28-07-2018 pendle forest cc (100 riders) L1015 10 Miles DNS
27-06-2018 City Road Club (Hull)(80 Riders Pref Yorkshire DC Clubs Only)(10 Invitation)(Total 90 Riders)(Entries Close 10/06/18)(Cheques to M Philipson) V714 10 Miles DNS(A)
23-06-2018 Holmfirth CC (Yorkshire Spoco Event) V915 10 Miles DNS(A)
10-09-2016 ssll racing team (charity event) V718 10 Miles DNS
13-08-2016 bridlington cc (WJ) (pref to yorkshier dc clubs)(3 events 150 max machines) (cheques to bridlington cc) V718 10 Miles DNF
17-06-2018 Yorkshire RC (Cheques to S Smith) V233 25 Miles DNS(A)
28-04-2018 birdwell wheelers (entries close 18/04/18) O25/11 25 Miles DNF
07-04-2018 VTTA (Yorkshire)(3 Events 150 Machines) (Cheques to B Buss)(VTTA Members Only) V236/1 25 Miles DNS(A)
08-04-2018 Yorkshire Cycling Federation(YCF Points Series) (Cheques to R Mellor) V910 10 Miles DNS
30-03-2018 City RC (Hull) (Women & Juniors)(3 Events Max 150 Machines)(Entries Close 10/03/18)(POSTAL ENTRIES ONLY)(Cheques to G Backshall) V718 10 Miles DNS(A)
23-09-2017 harrogate nova cc (yorkshire spoco event) V212 10 Miles DNS
03-09-2017 cleveland coureurs / vtta (north)(all ages)(incorporating teesside district championship)(cheques to g russell)(entries close 24/08/17) T252/3 25 Miles DNS
29-07-2017 drighlington bc (max 150 machines 2 events)(pref to yorkshire dc clubs)(cheques to g rhodes) V718 10 Miles DNF
08-07-2017 valley striders cc (charity event)(yorkshire spoco event) V235 25 Miles DNF
22-09-2018 vtta (nottm & east mids)(all ages)(cheques to robert christian) A25/34 25 Miles DNS(A)
28-06-2016 yorkshire cycling federation (cheques to p hurt)(ycf points series)(yorkshire spoco event) V9916 hill climb DNS 00:00.0
10-03-2019 Yorkshire Cycling Federation (Cheques to R Haigh) (YCF Points Series) V910 10 Miles DNS(A)
06-06-2021 Drighlington BC V210 10 Miles DNS(A)
17-10-2020 V.T.T.A. (Nottm & East Mids) (VTTA National Championship)(Vets only)(Preference to VTTA Members) (Cheques payable to K R Gent) A25/34 25 Miles DNS(A)
15-08-2020 Sherwood CC (Preference to Sherwood CC Members)(Cheques Payable to Sherwood CC ONLY) A25/34 25 Miles DNS(A)
21-07-2019 Hartlepool CC/VTTA (North)(All Ages)(Cheques to Hartlepool CC) T252/3 25 Miles DNF
13-07-2019 West Pennine RC (Preference North DC Clubs) L1015 10 Miles DNS(A)
16-09-2017 team swift (women, juniors + invitation max 80 riders)(entries close 01/09/17) V718 10 Miles DNF