RTTC Classic Series

Formerly known as the RTTC Rudy Project, RTTC Time Trial Series, Sigma Sports Classic Series or the Knight Composites Classic Series, the RTTC Classic Series is a points based competition held on sporting courses across the country

The series consists of 6 events with up to 4 events to count

There are categories for Men, Women, Juniors, Veterans, Paracyclists and new for 2020 Road Bikes for men, women and juniors.

There is also an age related competition for the over 40's that is based on "Target Times" that vary depending on the riders age. The older you are the longer you get. Female competitors receive an extra eight years allowance (a 40 year old women wold receive the allowance of a 48 year old man). The Target Times also vary depending on the distance of the event.

Points will be awarded on the basis of 60 points (in each category) for the winner down to 1 for sixtieth place in each Event.

The winners will be the riders with the highest aggregate total of points gained from riding four of the six events.

If more than one rider achieves the same number of points, then their highest placings of those concerned will be used to determine the winner. 

1st  in each category will receive RTTC Medals (presented at Champions Night) whilst 2nd and 3rd will receive RTTC medals.