Transgender Policy FAQs

Why are you introducing this policy?


Because we are convinced that after undergoing male puberty a rider will retain strength, stamina and physique which will give them a permanent advantage over someone who has not.


How will you enforce it?


CTT is an almost exclusively volunteer body which operates through a democratic structure.  Riders who have never affirmed a gender different to their birth gender will have to take no action. CTT will continue to trust the members of affiliated clubs who ride in events to tell the truth but it will introduce rule changes to make false declarations about gender a disciplinary offence. We will be establishing a body (a gender tribunal) to decide all gender eligibility issues that arise and to give sympathetic advice where needed. 


When will this take effect?


Immediately. The administrative arrangements for the new name for the Open category and for declarations when entering events or for registering on our website as a rider will take a little while to implement but will be fully in place by the end of the year.


What happens to season long competitions?


Performances after today will be recorded under the new policy.


How many transgender women will be affected by this policy?


The number of transgender women who ride time trials is very small, all of them will be affected.  It is not appropriate to give an exact figure.


Will all transgender people and non-binary people have to register as such with CTT? 


If a person wishes to ride in an “affirmed gender” which means a gender different to that assigned at birth, they will need to inform CTT so CTT can ensure they are riding in the correct category.


How will you deal with objections received from another rider in an event who alleges a competitor rider should not be riding in the female category?


We will establish a body (a “gender tribunal” which will look into all such allegations quickly and confidentially, with the power to make any necessary changes to results.


How will you ensure such a body acts fairly and openly?


The members of the tribunal will be carefully selected and have clear terms of reference and there will be an appeal to the CTT Appeals panel.  Because the question of gender may involve sensitive personal data and it may be an offence to disclose it, the process will necessarily be confidential but the complainant and the person complained about will both have the right to appeal.


How will event organisers deal with gender issues?


Event organisers should not deal with gender issues at all even if an allegation is made at an event which, if true, would be a disciplinary offence because a rider is alleged to have made a false declaration of gender.  They should always be referred to the gender tribunal. Event organisers should in the first instance accept the gender given to them by the competitor or received via the CTT entry system.  If an event organiser themselves has concerns about the eligibility of a particular rider they should refer their concerns to the gender tribunal irrespective of whether they have received a complaint or not.


How can the gender tribunal be contacted?


A dedicated email and telephone contact will be established.  Correspondence in the meantime may be sent to the Chair Andrea Parish, the National Competition Secretary or the National Legal Adviser.