History of Cycling Time Trials

In order to ensure a measure of uniformity in the conduct of road time trials, a group of cycling clubs formed the Road Racing Council in 1922. Membership was confined to founder clubs and to clubs promoting open events. A set of recommendations was agreed upon and for fifteen years the sport flourished to such an extent that it became necessary in 1937, in view of the modern traffic conditions and the ever increasing number of events and competitors, to review the whole position.

The result was that within a few months the RRC changed its title to that of the Road Time Trials Council, adopted a new constitution admitting all cycling clubs to membership and embarked upon a scheme of national control both of the sport and those who compete in it.

The organisation of the Council however did not, nor is it intended that it shall, interfere with good club organisation or in the manner in which time trials have been run now for more than three quarters of a century. The main object of the Council remained as it was in 1922, and that is to provide a national uniformity in the conduct of events and take any steps which may be necessary to ensure the continuance and well being of the sport.

This policy was successfully expanded and improved until the turn of the century when it became apparent that a change of status to a corporate body would be advantageous to the Council. An agreement was signed on 1st December 2002, between the Council and Cycling Time Trials who have undertaken to continue the long standing aims, standards and integrity of the Council.

An agreement between the “Road Time Trials Council” and “Cycling Time Trials” a Company Limited by Guarantee

This agreement is made the 1st day of December 2002 between the Road Time Trials Council of 77 Arlington Drive, LEIGH WN7 3QP an unincorporated association of cycling clubs of the one part


Cycling Time Trials of 12 Hulsewood Close, Wilmington, Dartford, Kent DA2 7AD a Company Limited by Guarantee not having a Share Capital registered in England under No 4413282 of the other part.


Words in the left-hand column shall have the meaning of those listed in the right-hand column.

The Council – The Road Time Trials Council and its District Councils.

The Company – Cycling Time Trials and its successors, transferees and assigns.

The Competitions – The British Best All-Rounder Competitions, Junior Best All-Rounder Competitions, GHS Championships, Beryl Burton Trophy Competition, The Time Trial Series, British Time Trial Championship, The National Championships as set out in detail within the Handbook.

The Handbook – The Council’s Handbook, dated 2002 which shall be deemed to be incorporated into this agreement.

The Trophies – Trophies subject to a declaration of Trust dated 26th October 2002, which are competed for within the competitions and more particularly described on pages 334, 335 and 336 of the Handbook

The System – The method by which the sport of Time Trialling is controlled and administered as set down under the Rules and Regulations for the conduct of Time Trials set down in the Handbook.

The Assets – The material property owned beneficially by the Council. Its computer hardware and software, fax machines, revolution counters, watches, cameras, photographs, films, video equipment, display material, unsold handbooks, stationery, and any intellectual property owned by the Council.

Cash Balance – The cash balance held in the name of the Council and the Council’s Bankers, together with cash in hand with the District Treasurers.

The Liabilities – Any of the Council’s creditors or contingent liabilities outstanding at the date of this agreement.

Records – The records of all outstanding competitions from inception to the present time, available to the Council together with all general office files of any nature whatsoever.


(a) This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales.
(b) The Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Words importing the singular number only shall include the plural and visa versa. Words importing only the masculine gender include the female gender.

WHEREAS the Road Racing Council was formed in 1922 to control cycling time trials on the roads of England and Wales it changed its name to the Road Time Trials Council and adopted a formal constitution in 1937. The Council has to this day continued to control, enlarge and promote the sport through the establishment of Competitions and Trusts for the Trophies and the award of the Council’s other medals and certificates under the Rules, Regulations and Conditions set out in the Handbook.

The Council has the status of an unincorporated Association. It is now considered beneficial for the Council and its members that the Council assumes a Corporate Status under the Companies Acts of 1985 to 1989.

The Council has approached the Company to assist in this matter.

The Company has been formed as a Company Limited by Guarantee not having a Share Capital with the specific object of controlling, promoting and encouraging Cycling Time Trials.

NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED THAT in consideration of the payment of fifty pounds by the Company to the Council which the Council directs be paid to the Dave Rayner Memorial Fund and the company undertaking to:

Carry out the undertaking, organisation and aims of the Council.

Promote the Competitions for trophies and otherwise as set out in the Handbook and in accordance with the Declaration of Trust dated 26th October 2002.

Wherever cognisant with its corporate status to carry on the organisation in accordance with the Rules and Regulations in the Handbook except that the Constitution had been superseded by the Memorandum of Association adopted by the Company.

Preserve on its stationery and publications the “RTTC” logo to recognise the importance of the Council’s historical involvement with the sport.

Preserve the assets and records of the Council as long as it is practical to do so.

Assume the actual and contingent liabilities of the Council as at the day hereof.

The Council Will :

Transfer into the beneficial ownership of the Company, the assets, systems and cash balances of the Council.

Confirm that there is a positive Net Worth in the Council when comparing all its assets with its liabilities, current and contingent as at the date hereof, the precise amount will be certified in due course by the auditors.

THUS ENSURING THAT the sport of cycling time trials will continue under corporate status with the former member clubs becoming members of the Company.

For and on behalf of the Road Time Trials Council

Signed : Peter McGrath Date : 1st December 2002

For and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials

Signed **: Peter Stone **Date : 1st December 2002