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CTT Website Release Document December 2021

Changed Home Page Images
New homepage images have been added for the 2022 season

Allow admins to send club renewal reminders
Admins can now initiate reminder emails for clubs who are yet to renew. This process was previously done either automatically or by technical task.

Club Events Payments System
The major developments during December come in the form the club payment system. At the time of writing, the following development has been completed:

- The ability to enter and pay for 1 or more club events - Email confirmation upon successful payment
- Refunding of fees to a given participant by a club admin or global admin
- Automatic reconciliation of payments (similar to open events)

Currently in development:
- Provide a reporting mechanism to make it quick/easy for the treasurer to deposit money to clubs

Estimated completion time for this work is mid January, ready for testing and release in February.

Spindata Data Integrity
Further talks with Spin Data have occurred. This time focusing on data integrity. We walked through various use cases with the aim of reducing processing errors when submitting results to avoid bad data.

In Progress

Updating organiser tutorials
Organiser tutorials are currently being updated to ensure that the latest website functionality is included. Tutorials are also being created to assist clubs with the organising of their club events via the new CTT club events system

Automation of the classic series and champions of champions
The classic series and champion of champions is currently a manual process. Work is underway to automate this to reduce admin and the time taken for the results to be displayed 

New Feature 06 Jan 2022

CTT Website Release Document September/October 2021

Allow organisers to be cc'ed into a contact all emails 

Organisers can now copy themselves into emails that are sent to riders. This will give peace of mind that their emails have been sent successfully. 

Adding riders after an event is un-postponed

There had previously been issues with adding riders to and event if it was postponed and then later postponed. These issue have now been addressed to allow this

Highlight clubs which have not affiliated for 2 years

If a club has not affiliated for the last 2 years, it is now possible to view this by selecting the “unused” filter when viewing clubs as an admin



New Feature 20 Dec 2021

CTT Website Release Document August 2021

Reverting a start sheet cover

If an organiser starts building a startsheet cover and then they changed their mind, previously, there was no way to revert this. Now, admins can revert a partially (or fully) built startsheet cover that was made using the builder.

Company number added to footer

The company number has been added to the foot on the website

Fixing Date/Time when showing a refund

When a refund is made, the date/time was using an incorrect timezone. This release will ensure the time shown on a refund is accurate.

Ensure rider age/vtta group does not show in startsheet downloads

A riders age and vtta group will now only show on exports IF the event is a VTTA event

Allow clubs to download the club event template

Clubs can now download the template for adding their club events. They cannot upload the events (as per the spec), but they can then forward this sheet to a district official who can then upload the events

Only showing necessary data in exports

Only 100% necessary fields are now included in exports to help fulfil GDPR obligations

Changing authentication mechanism for API

Since going live with the new API functionality, the authentication method has been changed to ensure that api keys are not exposed. This is a preventative change to ensure people who are not allowed to use the API can gain access to it. As part of this change we were required to update the district and VTTA widgets which are currently using the API

Release Documents Button

A new button has been added to the homepage which allows users to view the latest feature releases. This page will just contain major features rather than documenting all minor features

Spin Data Link

A link to spin data has been added to the homepage of the CTT website. As part of this the layout on the homepage displaying logos and quick links was also changed.

New Feature 09 Sep 2021