Badge of Honour

For outstanding service to the Council/Company the following persons have been honoured:

    Robin Field  South Wales District 2016
    Mike Westmorland  North District 2016
    Tony Peachey  South East District 2016
    John Longbottom South East District 2016
    Keith Lawton Yorkshire District 2015
    Gordon Hart London North District 2015
    Joe Summerlin Central District 2015
    Tony Millington Manchester District 2014
    Norman James South Wales District 2014
    George Barker Yorkshire District 2014
    Mick Kilby London South District 2013
    Albert Harrison Teesside District 2013
    Gavin Russell Teesside District 2013
    David Barry Midland District 2013
    Mark Philipson Yorkshire District 2013
    Ray Luckett North East District 2013
    Sheila Hardy Midland District 2012
    George Smith South West District 2012
    Don Saunders East District 2011
    Keith Robins South East Midlands District 2010
    Philip Heaton Manchester District 2010
    George Dawson Teesside District 2009
    Ken Blowe South District 2009
    Derek Johnson Liverpool District 2009
    Richard Daniells South East Midlands District 2009
    Jack Roughley North District 2006
    Bernard Jones North District 2006
    Amy Hooton Liverpool District 2004
    Pete Swetman London South District 2004
    Vic Williams South East District 2002
    Brenda Jackson North District 2002
    Peter Walthall Manchester District 2002
    Peter McGrath North East District 2002
    Ron Diplock West District 2002
    Peter Stone South East District 2002
    Trevor Bracegirdle Manchester District 2001
    John Galway West District 2001
    Ellis Smith Lincolnshire District 2001
    Douglas Eagger London North District 2001
    James Burgin London West District 2001
    Ken Robertson South West District 2001
    Stanley Turner London East District 2000
    Barry Freeman London East District 2000
    Shelagh Hargraves South Wales District 2000
    Warwick Dunford South East District 1999
    George Morris North Midlands District 1998
    Frank Minto North Midlands District 1998
    Christine Minto North Midlands District 1998
    John Barton Central District 1998
    Malcolm Watton South East District 1998
    Christine Watts London South District 1998
    Keith Webb Yorkshire District 1998
    Roy Moss South Wales District 1997
    Eddie Smith Midland District 1997
    Tim Field Midland District 1996
    Albert Harper Midland District 1996
    Graham Morris Manchester District 1995
    Dudley Roberts South East Midlands District 1995
    Stephen Pontin London North District 1995
    Edward Guy Central District 1994
    Leslie Heald Manchester District 1994
    Lillian Heald Manchester District 1994
    William Glaze Midland District 1994
    William Perret Midland District 1994
    Frederick Howell South Wales District 1994
    William Thorncroft London East District 1994
    Douglas Brunwin London East District 1994
    Frederick Cooper South East Midlands District 1994
    William Townsend OBE London West District 1993
    Eric Mustill Liverpool District 1993
    Albert Saunders East District 1993
    Frederick Stoppard Central District 1992
    Cyril Dixon North District 1992
    James Carr North Midlands District 1991
    Reginald Booth Lincolnshire District 1989
    Arthur Elston South West District 1986
    Vernon Wright South Wales District 1983