Transgender Policy

Regulation 10 as amended on 14 June 2023

10 Gender Categories

The Board shall have power to amend the policy of the Company set out in the table below and to fix a date when such amended policy will come into effect, which may be immediate. The Board will notify District Secretaries within 7 days of any such Board resolution and publicise any such amended policy on its website as soon as possible after the passing of any such amendment by the Board. This power is subject to the Members Reserve Power in Article 34 of the Articles of Association (special resolution of the Company to direct the Board to take, or refrain from taking, specific action).

The following table applies to transgender persons, that means all persons who wish to compete in a gender other than was assigned to them at birth.

Affirmed Gender

Policy applies to



A transgender male (female to male)

May compete in the Open Category


A transgender female (male to female)

Must compete in the Open Category.


A person who asserts they are neither male nor female.

Must compete in the Open Category.


All such persons should seek permission before competing in their affirmed gender from a body created by the Board to decide all gender eligibility issues. That body will have power to permit or refuse a request to compete in their affirmed gender and amend any result recorded on CTT’s database.  All information supplied for that purpose will be treated as confidential. The person seeking such permission will have the right to appeal to an Appeal Committee of CTT who will also treat all information provided as confidential. The body appointed by CTT’s Board to take such decisions will also determine any objections raised by another person, whether a race official or rider as to the gender of a rider in an event. Any personal information received shall be treated any confidential. The person who raised an objection or was the subject of that objection shall also have the right of appeal to an Appeal Committee who shall likewise treat any personal information in the same way. The intention of the policy is to permit only persons to compete as female who satisfy all these three requirements; they must have been assigned the sex female at birth, they must never have gone through any part of male puberty and they must not have had a testosterone result in serum above 2.5 nmol/L level before competing even if they satisfy the other two requirements.