randle shenton (Open)

Vet , (Border City Whs CC )

CTT Number: 1135

Member since: 19 Mar 16


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Date Event Machine Course Distance Club Position Machine Position Result Speed
22-05-2022 Tyneside Vagabonds CC (Mountain TT)(Lakes & Lancs Spoco) TT Bike M47 47 Miles DNF DNF
14-05-2022 bike~pace (Men)(150 rider limit)(incorporating VTTA National Championship)(max 240 riders in 4 events) TT Bike R50/1B 50 Miles DNS DNS
10-04-2022 VTTA (Yorkshire)(Pref VTTA members) TT Bike V236/1 25 Miles DNS DNS
03-04-2022 Rossendale Road Club (Hilly)(NLTTA Spoco)(Circuit of the Dales)(150 riders) TT Bike L503/R - DALES 50 Miles DNS DNS
27-03-2022 Border City Whs CC(Hilly) (NLTTA Spoco)(Lazonby circuit) TT Bike L202 - LAZONBY 2 LAP 20.2 Miles DNF DNF
04-09-2021 B.D.C.A. (120, Riders, 90 Men, 30 Women) TT Bike A100/4 100 Miles DNS(A) DNS(A)
25-07-2021 VTTA (North)/Hartlepool CC (All Ages)(Incl Road Bike Category)(Cheques to Hartlepool CC) TT Bike T502/3 50 Miles DNS DNS
27-06-2021 Fife Century RC (entries close 19/06/21) TT Bike WE50/01 50 Miles DNS DNS
06-06-2021 Kent CA (Including VTTA 100 Mile Championship & VTTA Kent Group Champs) TT Bike Q100 100 Miles DNS DNS
09-05-2021 South Pennine RC TT Bike A25/11 25 Miles DNS(A) DNS(A)
11-04-2021 VTTA National 15 Mile Championship (VTTA - London & Home Counties Group/Newbury Velo) (Men)(Preference to VTTA members) TT Bike H15/3 15 Miles DNS DNS
04-10-2020 RTTC National 50 Mile Championship (North East DC)(Men)(Entries close 08/09/20) TT Bike M50 50 Miles DNS DNS
20-09-2020 VTTA (Merseyside) VTTA National 15 Mile Championship (all ages)(Preference to VTTA members)(Cheques to Merseyside VTTA)(SCCA 2 of 18) TT Bike D315/1 15 Miles DNS(A) DNS(A)
13-09-2020 CTT Midland District Committee (chqs to CTT Midlands) TT Bike K10/50 50 Miles DNS DNS
05-09-2020 B.D.C.A. (100 Riders, 75 Men, 25 women)(Cheques payable to S.Bowler) TT Bike A100/4 100 Miles DNS(A) DNS(A)
30-08-2020 Tyneside Vagabonds CC (inc N&DCA 100 Mile Champs & VTTA National Champs) TT Bike M100/10 100 Miles DNS DNS
23-08-2020 Darlington CC (incl Road Bike Category) TT Bike T254/1 25 Miles DNS(A) DNS(A)
14-03-2020 Pendle Forest CC(Hilly)(NLTTA Spoco) (Circuit of Ingleborough) TT Bike L271- INGLEBOROUGH 26.2 Miles DNS DNS
15-09-2019 CTT Midland District Committee (chqs to N Green) TT Bike K33/50R 50 Miles DNS DNS
07-09-2019 B.D.C.A. (100 Riders, 80 Men, 20 women) (Cheques payable to S.Bowler) TT Bike A100/4 100 Miles DNS DNS
25-08-2019 RTTC National 25 mile Championship (Central DC)(VC Long Eaton)(Men)(Entries close 10/08/19) TT Bike A25/11 25 Miles DNS DNS
21-07-2019 Shaftesbury CC (ECCA BAR Qual event)(Entries close 02/07/19) TT Bike E2/50C 50 Miles DNS(A) DNS(A)
14-07-2019 North Lancashire Time Trial Association (includes the National VTTA Championship) (NLTTA Championship)(Entries close 02/07/19) TT Bike L10010 - COCKERMOUTH 100 Miles DNS DNS
07-07-2019 RTTC National 100 mile Championship (Yorkshire Cycling Federation)(Entries close 11/06/2019)(Cheques to K Lawton) TT Bike V270 100 Miles DNS DNS
29-06-2019 VC Cumbria TT Bike L2511 - COCKERMOUTH 25 Miles DNS DNS