Welwyn Whs Results

Results for members of Welwyn Whs
First Name Last Name Date Event Course Pos Result
Peter Anstey 13/04/14 Bedfordshire RCC 25 DNS Claim
Peter Anstey 06/07/13 Club Corley Cycles 10 00:24:12 Claim
Peter Anstey 25/09/16 lea valley cc (spoco se)(crescent 30) E1/30 DNS
Peter Anstey 03/08/14 Finsbury Park CC 25 F1/25 {NOT IN USE) 1:04:03 Claim
Peter Anstey 10/06/17 vtta (pref to east anglian vets)(entries close 21/05/17) E2/50C 2:15:34
Peter Anstey 12/10/14 VC 10 10 F11/10 DNS Claim
Peter Anstey 09/06/13 Finsbury Park CC 50 DNS Claim
Peter Anstey 31/07/16 vtta (pref to east anglian vets)(solo) E2/25 1:02:53
Peter Anstey 20/08/17 cc london F10/25 DNS
Peter Anstey 23/06/18 Victoria CC (All ages)(Points League 2 of 4)(Inc VTTA East Anglia) E91/10 00:27:22
Peter Anstey 27/08/16 victoria cc (all ages)(points series 4 of 4)(inc vtta east anglia) E1/10A 00:26:36
Peter Anstey 23/07/17 verulam cc F1B/25 1:05:03
Peter Anstey 13/08/17 finsbury park cc F10/25 1:04:58
Peter Anstey 10/04/16 bedfordshire road cc F1B/25 DNS Claim
Peter Anstey 24/06/17 dunstable rcc F11/10 00:23:47
Peter Anstey 09/04/17 icknield rc (london north millennium 4 of 8) F12/30K 00:54:47 Claim
Peter Anstey 07/06/15 Finsbury Park CC (ECCA BAR) F1B/50 DNS Claim
Peter Anstey 11/05/19 North Road CC (London North Millennium 6 of 8) F14/25 DNS
Peter Anstey 17/08/19 Essex Roads CC E1/10A DNS
Peter Anstey 25/08/18 Victoria CC (All ages)(Points League 4 of 4)(Inc VTTA East Anglia)(SPOCO SE) E1/10A 00:27:44
Peter Anstey 21/08/16 cc london F10/25 1:07:39
Peter Anstey 12/08/18 Finsbury Park CC F10/25 1:01:11
Peter Anstey 04/07/21 Finsbury Park CC (ECCA BAR) F1B/50 DNF
Peter Anstey 01/09/18 vtta (pref to east anglian vets) E2/10 00:24:35
Peter Anstey 19/04/19 Welwyn Wheelers CC Hilly (London North Millennium 4 of 8) F3/50K DNS