Houghton Cycling Club (Quarrington Hill)

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  • Date: 17-Oct-21
  • Time: 11:00
  • Distance: 0
  • Course: MH10
  • Closing Date: 05-Oct-21 23:59
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    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
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Munro and Farran victorious again, in Houghton CC climb

  • Published: 17 Oct 21
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Nick Munro. Photos by Paul Robson.

Nick Munro and Hannah Farran were victorious once again, this time claiming the main prizes at the Houghton CC climb of Quarrington Hill in County Durham on Sunday.

RAF Cycling Association rider Munro, 35, was bagging his fourth hill climb win of the season so far, while Farran, the 27-year-old Team Boompods rider, now has a run of five wins in the last month after her win on Quarrington Hill.

Munro clocked 1-58.2 for the climb, the only rider to go under two minutes and enough to give him the win by seven seconds from John Bowman (Muckle CC), with third going to Andy Richardson (Muckle CC) who was 0.4 seconds behind.

Farran’s time of 2-36.4 gave her the women’s prize by 6.7 seconds from Blaydon CC rival Sarah Wilkinson, while third was Ellen Powell (Durhan Triathlon Club) who was another 15 seconds back.

The event was run off in dry conditions but with some damp areas. Afterwards, Munro said: “It was great to get another win, especially as it’s my local hill and where I first ever ventured into the world of hill climbing in 2016, and instantly was hooked.

Hannah Farran

“The climb was over in a flash. It was made slightly difficult with the damp, poor surface in parts and despite running around 60psi in my rear tyre, there was still some loss of grip.

“There was a bit of a headwind into the finishing line but it’s such a short climb that I was able to keep powering down. I’m equally excited and nervous for Nationals! Winnats is a special course and it’s tough no matter what. It’s great to see a strong contingent from the North East qualifying.”

In-form rider Matt Smith from Muckle CC was left disappointed after snapping his chain at the halfway mark. Let’s hope that is the bad luck out of the way as he has also secured a coveted spot at Nationals in two weeks.

Farran will also be at the National Championships on October 31, and will go into it with a string of five victories in recent events including Team Kirkley Cycles, the Cestria CC climb, the Cleveland Wheelers event and GS Metro Hedley on the Hill climb last month.

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Pos   Rider Club  Gender      Cat   Time

1     Nick Munro  Royal Air Force CA     Male  Senior      1:58.2

2     John Bowman Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      2:05.2

3     Andy Richardson  Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      2:05.6

4     Iain Duffield    PMRR  Male  Senior      2:08.6

5     Colin Atkinson   Muckle Cycle Club Male  Vet   2:08.8

6     Noel Stoddart    Blaydon CC  Male  Vet   2:09.1

7     Brian Ward  Protech Velo     Male  Vet   2:13.5

8     Shaun Tyson Protech Velo     Male  Vet   2:14.6

9     Wilson-Jay Brown PM Racing UK     Male  Vet   2:16.8

10    Daryl Ahomet     Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      2:19.3

11    Ben Wilkinson    Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      2:19.5

12    Euan Dinning     Gosforth RC Male  Juvenile    2:20.2

13    Hal Kennedy North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Junior      2:21.3

14    Jamie Ruddell    Protech Velo     Male  Vet   2:27.4

15    Ben Swinney Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      2:29.7

16    Jordon Bolton    Protech Velo     Male  Senior      2:30.5

17    Brendan McMillan Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC    Male  Senior      2:33.6

17    Ian Gallon  North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Vet   2:33.6

19    Jonathan Cairns  North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Senior      2:34.7

20    Lee Ridden  Reifen Racing    Male  Vet   2:36.0

21    Steven Goodings  Protech Velo     Male  Vet   2:36.2

22    Hannah Farran    Team Boompods    Female      Senior      2:36.4

23    Sam Leng    AIMS Cycling     Male  Senior      2:38.6

24    Sarah Wilkinson  Blaydon CC  Female      Vet   2:43.1

25    Stephen Boxall   Houghton CC Male  Vet   2:47.2

26    Barry Fordham    Cestria C.C.     Male  Vet   2:48.6

27    Rohan Rayner-Smith     Cleveland Wheelers CC  Male  Espoir      2:48.7

28    Stephen Pattison Muckle Cycle Club Male  Vet   2:51.5

29    Michael Trow     Blaydon CC  Male  Vet   2:55.6

30    Ellen Powell     Durham Triathlon Club  Female      Senior      2:58.8

31    David Lavery     North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Vet   03:07.7

32    Lois Jarvis North Tyneside Riders CC     Female      Senior      03:12.7

33    Angela McGurk    Blaydon CC  Female      Vet   03:17.5

34    Mick Chappel     North Tyneside Riders CC     Male  Vet   03:22.9

35    Colin Oxberry    Houghton CC Male  Vet   03:38.6

36    Stephen Kerr     Sunderland Clarion     Male  Vet   03:46.3

      Philip Gilbanks  Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      APOLS

      Rob De'Giovanni  Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      APOLS

      Joe Stringer     Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      APOLS

      Katy Denham Muckle Cycle Club Female      Senior      APOLS

      Matthew Smith    Muckle Cycle Club Male  Senior      DNF