Board meeting - 24 July 2021

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The meeting opened with a statement from the board’s chairperson, who confirmed that very good positive feedback had been received from the recipients of the first board meeting publication.  Some positive comments had been received, which have been taken on board for this and future publications.

Topics and reports considered/discussed during the 24 July meeting were:

  • Celebration of the first time trial in 2022
  • Future meeting format
  • Establishing a website working group
  • 2022 Handbook

Actions identified during the last meeting are being progressed.

Coronavirus: It was reported that there have been no new developments to report since the last issued government guidance and risk assessment.

An update was provided by the treasurer on how Cycling Time Trials finances were performing against the budget prepared for 2021/2022.  The key points were:

Cycling Time Trials (CTT) are now four months into the new financial year (1/4/2021 – 31/7/2021) and costs are currently close to expectations.  Income is less predictable and club levies are difficult to quantify accurately, however, open levies are running above expectations with just over 28,000 rides against a forecast of around 25,000 for the same period. Championship levies are in line with forecasts, as are club affiliationsOverall CTT surplus is forecast to be around £10,000 to date and is on course to show a surplus for the year.  Reserves are running at around £250k, however, CTT wish to build on this over the coming years to a level which will again help it survive any further or future problems.

An update was provided on the current list of 2021 accidents and any ongoing direct claims against CTT’s insurance policy.

An update was provided on:

  • The recent 2021 national events, (national championships and the last event in the Merlin Series)
  • Up and coming national events
  • 2021 competition records:  There are a number of new competition record claims pending.  These could include the women’s team 100 mile; the men’s 15 mile tandem tricycle and two claims for the women’s 24 hour record.

Strategic plan: Rob Bailey had prepared a power point presentation and delivered a short presentation to those in attendance.  It lay out a vision for the future, together with how CTT should move forward.  This will be discussed in more depth at the next and future meetings, before making available to a wider audience.

The next board meeting, scheduled for Sunday 5 September 2021, will take place as a face to face meeting.

This communication has been prepared, on behalf of the board of directors, by the current chairperson, Gavin Russell, to whom any comments/questions should be directed.  Contact details: