Champions Night Information - updated 12th December 2016

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The date of Champions Night is Saturday 14th January 2017 with the venue being Heythrop Park, Enstone, Oxfordshire OX7 5UE or OX7 5UF ( )


Guest of honour is Tony Gibb, medallist on the track at the Commonwealth Games and World Championships and various time trial Championships. Tony is also a well respected Eurosport commentator and in 2016 opened his first store, Full Gas Bikes. 


Priority Applications received as of 9pm on 11th December.

This list contains the names of those whose applications for Champions Night have been received and for successful friends and family applicants.  If you have sent or emailed forms and your name is not on the list then please contact as a matter of urgency.  The closing date for applications will be Friday16th December.


Ian Holbrook
Julia Holbrook
David Murphy
Joseph Murphy
Corinne Side
Lorna Side
Henrietta Colbourne
Jonathan Wears
Charlie Taylor
Kathy Taylor
Matthew Robertson
Neil Robertson
Joseph Laverick
Michael Laverick
Angela Hibbs
Simon Irwin
Becky Lewis
Howard Lewis
Cameron Still
Peter Still
Nicola Soden
Sandra Mackay
Tom Roper
John Roper
Crystal Spearman
Adrian Spearman
Daniel Bloy
Lesley Elvin
Huw Parry
Ruth Parry
Jake Wright
Amanda Wright
Henry Cash
Susan Cash
Phil Watts
Maggie Smith
Cheryl Trueman
Ron Trueman
Sarah Matthews
Chris Matthews
Christopher Fennell
Nicholas Fennell
Euan Backus
Jake Backus
Ginnie Gronwalt
Ian Gronwalt
Caitlin Peters
Gareth Peters
Gina Riley
James Eastbury
Alison Vessey
Robin Vessey
Lloyd Chapman
Paula Chapman
Dan Martin
Lawrence Martin
Daniel Dixon
Gordon Dixon
Sophie Heighton
Caroline Heighton
Howard HeIghton
Thomas Heighton
Daryl May
Lindsey May
Paul Flemming
Hayley Simmonds
Mark Holt
Geoffrey Simmonds
Lizzy Lowenstein
Gill Henshaw
Bryn Richards
Gareth Richards
Charlie Knowler
Jackie Knowler
Pippa MacDougal
Gavin MacDougal
Kath Fletcher
Matt Fletcher
Bob Awcock
Libby McLaren
John McLaren
Robert Heywood
Marina Heywood
Katie Toft
Karen Toft
Peter Toft
Adam Jarps
Peter Jarps
Paul McGowan
Maria McGowan
Jim Williams
Kathy Williams
Dean Robson
Claire Hall
Victoria Lloyd-Walsh
Robert Walsh
Timothy Torrie
Tracey Torrie
Emma Lewis
Craig Joy
Jackie Field
Stuart Field
Kelly Murphy
Jonny Stenson
David Hargreaves
Rosalie Irwin
Isaac Mundy
Samual Holder
Rebecca Holland
Leigh Holland
Carl Donaldson
Teresa Donaldson
Samuel Wadsley
Bev Wadsley
Ollie Jones
Chris Jones
Julia Shaw
Andrew Watts
Jon Williams
David Williams
Bob Williams
Ruth Williams
Josh Charlton
Mike Charlton
Nicola Charlton
Gillian Reynolds
Derek Reynolds
Stephen Irwin
Adam Kenway
Clare Kenway
Oisin Murphy
James Murphy
Simon Norman
Alexander Norman
Wiebke Rietz
Nigel Ware
Anita Cavell
Stephen Tompkin
David Summers
Aileen Brown
James McKenzie
Roz McKenzie
Richard Bideau
Magdalena Krolik
Joan Smith
Danny Grieves
Cara Grieves
James Lowden
Kimberley Lowden
Matthew Smith
Rosie Smith
Ben Keeley
Gary Smith
Monica Dew
Joanne Dew
Jonathan Parker
Caroline Edwards
Kate Allen
Rob Allen
John Dewey
Matthew Bottrill
Alana Prior
Karen Prior
Greg Woodford
Claire Hine
Lynne Biddulph
Stephen Biddulph
John Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Elliot Reed
Janet Reed
Sam Iddon
Alexander Reed
Alistair Wareham
Jon Surtees
Susan Semple
Alastair Semple
Victoria Smith
Russ Hall
Natalie Hodson
Iona Sewell
Alice Lethbridge
Chris Herbert
Janet Fairclough
Philip East
Chris Melia
Alexander Deck
Ewan Grivell-Mellor
Mel Grivell
Sharon Clifford
Phil Barnes
Andrew Newey
Rob Pears
Charlie Pears
Karen Brooks
Peter Jones
Abigail Old
Don Old
Catherine Snell
Damien Cudmore
Helen Willis
Helen Wilis plus 1
George Evans
Georgina Davies
Michael Broadwith
Helen Simpson
Josh Crow-Stewart
Robert Pitt
Patrick Brennan
Zoe Boden
Jill Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson
Irene Hume
Kenneth Hume
Baden Green
Niamh Green
Nick Green
Louise Green
Jacqueline Hobson
Edward Bickerton
Laura Bickerton
Freya Richardson
Gordon Richardson
Helen Richardson
Sarah Briggs
Andrew Briggs
David Yarham
Lynne Yarham
Dawn Sherrin
Tom Hooper
Ben Lane
Charlotte Cooper
Martin Balk
Helen Balk
Victor Chetta
David Chetta
Anna Henderson
Janet Henderson
John Henderson
Harvey Weinberger
David Weinberger
Jack O'Neill
John O'Neill
Dave Green
Norman Howson
Martyn Roach
Kevin Fairhead
Christine Roberts
Gavin Wright
Mia Wright
Callum MacLachlan
Andrei Caval
Karen Laverick
Audrei Roper
Helen Fennell
Richard Fennell
Fiona Peters
Philip Pearson
Ann Pearson
Tansy Martin
Kathryn Murphy
Sarah Murphy
David Knowler
Donna Jarps
Sarah Merrill-Robertson
Laura Robertson
Alan Torrie
Isabella Torrie
Bob Tobin
Amanda Tobin
Alice Fennell
Katja Rietdorf
Geoff Perry