Shaftesbury CC (2 events - 90 machines)(ECCA BAR Qual event)

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  • Date: 18-Jul-15
  • Time: 14:00
  • Distance: 50 Miles
  • Course: e2/50c
  • Closing Date: 07-Jul-15 00:00
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

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Event Headquarters are at Westley Waterless Village Hall, near Newmarket. Please park outside the HQ grounds and only to the east of Village Hall. Please obey the Parking Marshals and park sensibly. Do not park on the verges so avoiding blocking the pathways. Please give consideration to all other road users in the area so ensuring that we will be able to continue using these Headquarters. It is also possible to park nearer the Start and Finish in the road between Six Mile Bottom and West Wratting. ?NO SHOEPLATES or SMOKING in the Hall. ?Start is about 5 miles from event HQ. To get to the Start, turn right out of Village Hall, left at crossroads then right at next crossroads to Six Mile Bottom. Turn left & proceed to slip road onto A11 southbound, continue and take the next slip road to The Wilbrahams. ?The field layout has been based on handicaps. The race also counts for the ECCA Points Competition and Handicap BAR and handicaps were calculated using the CTT Standard Handicapping System, taking recent times into account. Important: please read THE FOLLOWING CTT regulations 1 NO ‘Warming up’ by competitors is allowed on the course once the event has started. 2 NO “U” TURNS are allowed within sight of either the start or finishing points. Riders carrying out this dangerous manoeuvre are liable to disqualification from the event and further disciplinary action by the District Committee. Note: Riders must continue after the Finish before crossing the road at Six Mile Bottom. 3 Riders’ body numbers will be available at event HQ and must be signed for personally after reading any special course instructions. You may exchange your number for a drink at the HQ after your ride. 4 Marshals placed to direct competitors off the main carriageway MUST NOT stand at the apex between the carriageway and the slip road but should be located at the commencement of the slip road. 5 Riders are reminded that dropping litter (such as energy gel wrappers) is a criminal offence and offenders will also be liable to disciplinary action by the District Committee. 6 IN THE INTERESTS OF YOUR OWN SAFETY, Cycling Time Trials and the Event Promoters strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL SAFETY HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. In accordance with Regulation 15 ALL JUNIOR competitors must wear Protective Hard Shell Helmets. It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use.

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Event Details

Event Type
18 Jul 2015 14:00
Closing Date
07 Jul 2015 00:00
Accepted Categories
  • Juvenile
  • Junior
  • Espoir
  • Senior
  • Veteran
  • Para