Nova Raiders CC (SCCA 16 of 18)(60 riders max.)(priority to SCCA clubs)

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  • Date: 08-Aug-20
  • Time: 14:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: d10/23r
  • Closing Date: 28-Jul-20 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
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Bigham smashes course record in Nova Raiders CC 10

  • Published: 09 Aug 20
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Dan Bigham

Dan Bigham (Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling) took over a minute off the course record in the Nova Raiders CC 10 to get his British season off to a flying start, while Jessica Rhodes-Jones (AeroCoach) won the women’s event.

Bigham, who had just returned from a period of working and racing time trials in Denmark, clocked a winning time of 18 minutes and 27 seconds in Shropshire.

The previous course record was 19.38 set by Arthur Franklin (Portishead CC) last September, but Bigham knocked a minute and 11 seconds off that time and was only the third rider to record a sub-20 minutes time on the course.

The D10/23R course saw riders head north into a headwind on the out and back course from Waters Upton before turning for home at Hodnet.

Bigham, aged 29, from Stone, had time to recon the local course the day prior to the event and the member of the winning National Team Time Trial squad clocked a blistering time almost two minutes clear of his nearest rival.

Under-23 rider George Mills-Keeling led the rest of the field home to give Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling a one-two with his time of 20-16 just two seconds quicker than Kieran Morris (Team Bottrill).

Jessica Rhodes-Jones

In the women’s event Rhodes-Jones took her first open victory of the season clocking a time of 22-26, beating Anna Docherty (Team Breeze) by nearly a minute (23:25).

Rhodes-Jones was pushed into second in the Coventry 10 towards the end of last season but showed improvement in her time by 24 seconds over the long break.

Third place woman went to host club rider Deb Hutson-Lumb (Nova Raiders CC) who finished in 23-57.

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1              Dan        Bigham Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling          18:27                                                    

2              George Mills-Keeling      Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling          20:16                                                    

3              Kieran   Morris   Team Bottrill      20:18                                                    

4              Daniel   Watts    Royal Air Force Cycling Association           20:47                                                    

5              Grant    Bigham VeloRunner RT  20:53                                                    

6              Alastair Ribbands             Manchester Wheelers   20:55                                                    

7              Dean     Callister                Nova Raiders CC               21:03                                                    

8              Christopher        Halford Wrekinsport CC 21:14                                                    

9              Stephen               Feeney Team Chronomaster      21:18                                                    

9              Nick       Morgan Hitchin Nomads CC          21:18                                                    

11           Tim         Beardmore         Nova Raiders CC               21:19                                                    

11           Henri     Bedford               Revolutions Racing          21:19                                                    

13           Chris      Mann    Velotik Racing Team       21:33                                                    

14           James   Satoor   Mid Shropshire Wheelers             21:42                                                    

15           Ben        Bright    Marsh Tracks Race Team               22:01                                                    

16           Jonathan             Mills-Keeling      Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG         22:04                    

17           Bryn       Davies   Hafren CC            22:11                                                    

18           Tomos  Hales     Wrekinsport CC 22:18                                                    

19           Brett      Lowndes              Pro Vision Cycle Clothing               22:22                                                    

20           Jessica  Rhodes-Jones    AeroCoach          22:26                                                    

21           Andrew Rose      Nova Raiders CC               22:53                                                    

22           Dean     Dovey   Nova Raiders CC               22:56                                                    

23           Adam    Mumford             Wrekinsport CC 23:12                                                    

24           Nicholas               Long      Nova Raiders CC               23:22                                                    

25           Anna      Docherty             Team Breeze     23:25                                                    

26           Rich        Smith    Wrekinsport CC 23:30                                                    

27           Graeme Donnell Nova Raiders CC               23:40                                                    

28           Andrew Lacon    Nova Raiders CC               23:54                                                    

29           Deb        Hutson-Lumb    Nova Raiders CC               23:57                                                    

30           Allan      Henderson          Wrekinsport CC 24:12                                                    

30           Richard Howes  Wrekinsport CC 24:12                                                    

32           Jon         Bradley Nova Raiders CC               24:29                                                    

33           Neil        Wilson  Paramount CRT 24:33                                                    

34           Ian          Connolly              Ludlow CC           24:43                                                    

35           Tony      Harvey  Mid Shropshire Wheelers             24:53                                                    

36           Steve    Cornish Mid Shropshire Wheelers             25:05                                                    

37           Phil         Guy        North Shropshire Wheelers         25:08                                                    

38           Steve    Chapman             Nova Raiders CC               25:22                                                    

39           Tony      Perrin    Stone Wheelers CC          25:26                                                    

40           Rebecca               Woodvine           Mid Shropshire Wheelers             25:48                                    

41           Ian          Casson  Birkenhead Victoria CC  25:52                                                    

42           Jenny    York       Mid Shropshire Wheelers             25:54                                                    

43           Les         Boughey              North Shropshire Wheelers         25:58                                                    

44           Carys     Blowers Mid Shropshire Wheelers             25:59                                                    

45           Dave      York       Mid Shropshire Wheelers             26:00                                                    

46           Bethan Till           Wrekinsport CC 26:06                                                    

47           Louise   Hurdley                Hafren CC            26:08                                                    

48           Lucy       Bulkeley               Velotik Racing Team       26:09                                                    

49           Jenny    Newton Nova Raiders CC               26:19                                                    

50           Richard Goddard              Newport (Shropshire) CC              26:51                                                    

51           Helen    Tudor    Oswestry Paragon CC     27:30                                                    

52           Mel        Griffiths               Mid Shropshire Wheelers             37:48



1              Charlotte             Chapman             Nova Raiders CC               27:39                                                    

1              Jade       Chapman             Nova Raiders CC               27:39