Course Code: J4/16

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Course Code: J4/16

START at JS14 mark in Twemlow Lane, approximately 300 yards west of Hermitage Lane.  Proceed east to the A535 at Twemlow Green where turn left on the A535 to Chelford Island (5.763 m) Take care at Chelford Island. Take 2nd exit left onto the A537 to Booths Hall Island (9.801 m) where left along Gough’s Lane to the A50 and left again to Twemlow Lane (16.104m). Turn left into Twemlow Lane, pass the start (16.407m) to complete first lap.

Continue to the A535 where turn left to Chelford Island (22.777), left to Booth’s Hall Island (26.835 m), left into Gough’s Lane towards the A50, left onto A50 and left into Twemlow Lane (33.118 m), pass the start again to complete second lap.

Continue to the A535 where turn left to Chelford Island (39.791m), left to Booth’s Hall Island (43.289m), left along Gough’s lane to the A50 and left again to FINISH at the JS14 mark on the A50 opposite a small 50 mph sign, 2 yards beyond an iron field gate but before ‘Plum Tree Farm’ sign, approx 150 yards short of Twemlow Lane (50.000 m).

Notes for competitors, in addition to those on the start sheet.

  1. Riders must negotiate Chelford Island in a safe and sensible manner in accordance with CTT Reg. 20 and the rules of the road. Riders must be able to brake and stop at the island if traffic conditions require this. Riders MUST NOT approach and encircle the island using tri-bars. Remember - traffic on the island has priority over traffic (including riders) entering it. Any rider seen to be in breach of this regulation will be disqualified from the event and may be reported for further disciplinary action.
  2. Care At Road Junctions. Riders must exercise care at all junctions. Any competitor whose riding line causes him/her to cross the white line when approaching or leaving a junction will be liable to disqualification and may be reported to the District Committee for further disciplinary action.
  3. Riders must take extra care when exiting from Seven Sisters Lane onto the A50 6 Be aware that there is a double bend shortly after turning into Twemlow Lane at Cranage. Riders need to anticipate this and be prepared to negotiate it in a safe manner. In wet weather the metal covers and edges become a skid risk. Please take care covers and edges become a skid risk Please take care

Course Details

Category Distance
50 miles

Course Records

Solo Male
Matthew Bottrill
13-Jun-15 | RTTC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Manchester DC)(Entries close 19/05/2015)
Solo Female
Julia Shaw
Solo Male (Junior)
Robert Rowson
25-May-19 | Warrington Road Club (Cheshire Points Series 8 of 20)(Including VTTA M/c NW Group)
Andrew Bromley, Mandy Bromley
27-May-17 | warrington road club (tandems)(fee per rider)