Manchester & District TTA (Assoc Championship) (Cheshire points series 7 of 20)

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  • Date: 04-Jul-21
  • Time: 14:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: J4/8
  • Closing Date: 22-Jun-21 23:59
  • Categories:
    • All Youth
    • All Junior
    • All Espoir
    • All Senior
    • All Veteran
    • All Para


Position Machine Img First Name Last Name Classification Category Club Time Handicapped Time Avg. Speed
1 TT Bike Matthew Wales Male Senior Pirate juice cc 00:52:03 00:42:42 28.818 Mph
1 TT Bike Andrew Bradbury Male Senior Congleton CC 00:52:03 00:46:14 28.818 Mph
3 TT Bike Alastair Ribbands Male Senior Manchester Wheelers 00:52:38 00:45:54 28.499 Mph
4 TT Bike Alan Chorley Male Vet Seamons CC 00:53:32 00:49:10 28.02 Mph
5 TT Bike Tristan Pilling Male Senior University of Derby Cycling Club 00:53:52 00:48:02 27.847 Mph
6 TT Bike Alex Raynard Male Senior Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion 00:55:13 00:44:02 27.166 Mph
7 TT Bike Adrian Hughes Male Vet Seamons CC 00:55:59 00:51:21 26.794 Mph
8 TT Bike Chris Southworth Male Vet Manchester Bicycle Club 00:56:02 00:46:14 26.77 Mph
9 TT Bike Steven Hilton Male Vet Warrington Road Club/Horton Light Engineering 00:56:30 00:52:12 26.549 Mph
10 TT Bike Paul Shallicker Male Vet RT - Fitted and Tailored Car Covers 00:56:31 00:45:06 26.541 Mph
11 TT Bike Mat Stephenson Male Vet Congleton CC 00:57:22 00:49:31 26.148 Mph
12 TT Bike James Brayford Male Senior Lyme Racing Club 00:57:34 00:49:01 26.057 Mph
13 TT Bike Malcolm Horner Male Vet Warrington Road Club/Horton Light Engineering 00:57:48 00:48:20 25.952 Mph
14 TT Bike Daniel Mathers Male Vet Seamons CC 00:57:57 00:46:06 25.884 Mph
15 TT Bike Ronan O'Cualain Male Vet Seamons CC 00:58:32 00:46:19 25.626 Mph
16 TT Bike John Spearman Male Vet Seamons CC 00:58:38 00:47:49 25.583 Mph
17 TT Bike Chris Spencer Male Senior Element Cycling Team 00:59:01 00:46:45 25.417 Mph
18 TT Bike Rufus Brunt Male Vet Seamons CC 00:59:11 00:47:40 25.345 Mph
19 TT Bike Michael Summers Male Vet Glossop Kinder Velo Cycling Club 00:59:27 00:44:55 25.231 Mph
20 TT Bike Ian Peers Male Vet Army Cycling 1:00:12 00:53:40 24.917 Mph
21 TT Bike Miles Haslam Male Vet Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 1:01:41 00:45:49 24.318 Mph
22 TT Bike Claire Harrison Male Vet Congleton CC 1:01:52 00:46:15 24.246 Mph
23 TT Bike Cecil Hopkinson Male Vet Wigan Whs CC 1:02:32 00:47:14 23.987 Mph
24 TT Bike James Rutherford Male Vet Team Lusso 1:03:58 00:48:47 23.45 Mph
25 TT Bike Paul Kearney Male Vet Cheshire Maverick Cycle Club 1:05:02 20:48:41 23.065 Mph
26 TT Bike Christian Fox Male Vet Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion 1:05:11 00:50:36 23.012 Mph
27 TT Bike Andy Whitehead Male Vet Seamons CC 1:06:47 00:47:04 22.461 Mph
28 TT Bike Lynsey Astles Male Vet Congleton CC 1:08:17 00:52:01 21.967 Mph
29 TT Bike Daniel Goodwin Male Senior Glossop Kinder Velo Cycling Club 1:11:28 00:44:39 20.989 Mph
30 TT Bike Lesley Norbury Male Vet Congleton CC 1:14:21 00:45:30 20.175 Mph
DNF TT Bike Tim Smith Male Vet Westmead Team 88 DNF
DNF TT Bike Alison Stephenson Male Vet Congleton CC DNF
DNS(A) TT Bike Vanessa Townshend Male Vet Springfield Financial Racing Team
DNS(A) TT Bike Phil Shaw Male Vet Bury Clarion CC
DNS(A) TT Bike Richard Baker Male Vet Audlem Cycling Club
DNS(A) TT Bike Greg Thorley Male Vet Parentini Test Team
DNS(A) TT Bike Richard Shaw Male Vet Seamons CC
DNS(A) TT Bike Matt Yardley Male Vet Macclesfield Wheelers
DNS(A) TT Bike Ian Holbrook Male Vet Stone Wheelers CC
DNS(A) TT Bike Peter Rogers Male Vet Chorlton Velo
DNS(A) TT Bike Lloyd Smith Male Senior Vanelli-Project GO
DNS(A) TT Bike Robert Bagot Male Vet Warrington Road Club/Horton Light Engineering
DNS(A) TT Bike Nick Giles Male Vet Poco Loco Cycling R.T.
DNS(A) TT Bike David Butters Male Vet ...a3crg
DNS(A) TT Bike Derek Hodgins Male Vet Stockport Clarion CC
DNS(A) TT Bike Ben Norbury Male Senior Congleton CC
DNS TT Bike Stephen Booth Male Vet VTTA (Manchester & NW Group) DNS
DNS TT Bike Chris Wilcox Male Vet Lyme Racing Club DNS
DNS TT Bike Mark Mounfield Male Vet Rossendale RC DNS
DNS TT Bike Nigel Modlinsky Male Vet Element Cycling Team DNS
DNS TT Bike Mark Taylor Male Vet Chester Triathlon Club DNS
DNS TT Bike Jim Haddock Male Vet Warrington Road Club/Horton Light Engineering DNS
DNS TT Bike Alan Broadbent Male Graham Weigh Racing-Deeside Olympic DNS Claim
DNS TT Bike David Crawley Male Vet Velotik Racing Team DNS
DNS TT Bike Steffan North Male Vet SKCC DNS