RTTC National 24 hour Championship (Mersey Roads) (Entries close 27/6/19)

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  • Date: 20-Jul-19
  • Time: 13:00
  • Distance: 0
  • Course: D24HR
  • Closing Date: 27-Jun-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • All Espoir
    • All Senior
    • All Veteran
    • All Para

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Position Machine Img First Name Last Name Classification Category Club Distance Std± Avg. Speed
1 TT Bike Graham Kemp male Vet Team Bottrill 544.32 Miles 22.68 Mph
1 TT Bike Christina Murray female Vet Army Cycling 478.42 Miles +142.62 19.934 Mph
3 TT Bike Michael Broadwith male Vet Arctic Aircon RT 533.99 Miles 22.25 Mph
3 TT Bike Crystal Spearman female Senior Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 464.70 Miles 19.363 Mph
5 TT Bike Nick Clarke male Senior Arctic Aircon RT 528.02 Miles 22.001 Mph
5 TT Bike Pip Jenkins female Senior Southborough & Dist. Whs 463.80 Miles 19.325 Mph
7 TT Bike Steph Mottram female Senior Torelli 452.75 Miles 18.865 Mph
7 TT Bike Mark Turnbull male Vet TORQ Performance 527.77 Miles 21.99 Mph
9 TT Bike Ede Harrison female Senior Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club 414.55 Miles 17.273 Mph
9 TT Bike Joe Gorman male Senior Stevenage CC 508.78 Miles 21.199 Mph
11 TT Bike Lynne Biddulph female Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 404.42 Miles +91.32 16.851 Mph
11 TT Bike Ian To male Senior Swindon Wheelers 506.42 Miles 21.101 Mph
13 TT Bike Peter Hooper male Senior Eastbourne Rovers CC 504.81 Miles 21.034 Mph
13 TT Bike Rebecca Wilson female Vet Rye & District Wheelers CC 392.21 Miles +89.58 16.342 Mph
15 TT Bike Doug Hart male Vet Ilkley CC 499.60 Miles +133.71 20.817 Mph
15 TT Bike Georgina Cleere female Senior Essex Roads CC 353.74 Miles 14.739 Mph
17 TT Bike Kate Bradley female Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 274.03 Miles -65.13 11.418 Mph
17 TT Bike Alex Russell male Vet City RC (Hull) 498.55 Miles 20.773 Mph
19 TT Bike Paul Jackson male Vet Team Bottrill 485.21 Miles +141.12 20.217 Mph
20 TT Bike Robert Bullyment male Vet Catford CC Ltd 484.21 Miles +118.32 20.175 Mph
21 TT Bike Christopher Hall male Senior JAM Cycling Race Team coached by BPC 470.40 Miles 19.6 Mph
22 TT Bike Greg Melia male Senior York Cycleworks 468.52 Miles 19.522 Mph
23 TT Bike Angus Swanson male Vet Stirling Bike Club 459.80 Miles +109.58 19.158 Mph
24 TT Bike Stuart Edwards male Vet Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 457.59 Miles 19.066 Mph
25 TT Bike Mark Nicholson male Vet Border City Whs CC 453.30 Miles +87.41 18.888 Mph
26 TT Bike Simon Cullen male Vet Saddleworth Clarion CC 451.79 Miles 18.825 Mph
27 TT Bike Paul Russell male Vet Springfield Financial Racing Team 448.58 Miles +101.42 18.691 Mph
28 TT Bike Martin Brown male Vet 7Oaks Tri Club 446.65 Miles +118.65 18.61 Mph
29 TT Bike Samuel Crossley male Vet Dulwich Paragon CC 437.30 Miles +53.24 18.221 Mph
30 TT Bike Russell Kesley male Vet Dulwich Paragon CC 428.98 Miles +72.62 17.874 Mph
31 TT Bike Adam Watkins male Senior Severn Road Club 428.28 Miles 17.845 Mph
32 TT Bike Chris Hopkinson male Vet Guernsey Velo Club 428.26 Miles 17.844 Mph
33 TT Bike Philip Wade male Senior Green Jersey CC 424.36 Miles 17.682 Mph
34 TT Bike John Forbes male Vet Birkenhead North End CC 424.34 Miles 17.681 Mph
35 TT Bike Paul Wainwright male Vet York Cycleworks 421.55 Miles 17.565 Mph
36 TT Bike David Greenwood male Vet Rye & District Wheelers CC 420.99 Miles +80.00 17.541 Mph
37 TT Bike Hector Kidds male Vet Dulwich Paragon CC 416.92 Miles +36.84 17.372 Mph
38 TT Bike Robbie Richardson male Vet Chippenham & District Wheelers 416.32 Miles 17.347 Mph
39 TT Bike Steve Ralphs male Vet Loughborough Phoenix CC 414.98 Miles 17.291 Mph
40 TT Bike Paul Winchcombe male Vet Chippenham & District Wheelers 413.54 Miles +89.00 17.231 Mph
41 TT Bike Dominic Smith male Vet 412.52 Miles 17.188 Mph
42 TT Bike Nigel Briggs male Vet South Pennine RC 410.04 Miles +82.04 17.085 Mph
43 TT Bike Jed Friskney male Senior Sleaford Wheelers Cycling Club 409.03 Miles 17.043 Mph
44 TT Bike Roger Squire male Vet Fibrax Wrexham RC 403.04 Miles +49.76 16.793 Mph
45 TT Bike Paul Revell male Vet Barrow Central Wheelers 402.66 Miles 16.778 Mph
46 TT Bike Philip Richards male Vet Leicestershire RC 398.24 Miles 16.593 Mph
47 TT Bike Nigel Brooks male Vet Stirling Bike Club 396.08 Miles +94.86 16.503 Mph
48 TT Bike Pete Bishop male Vet Exeter Whs CC 394.14 Miles 16.423 Mph
49 TT Bike Andrew Rowe male Vet Somer Valley Cycling Club 391.07 Miles 16.295 Mph
50 TT Bike Jamie Richardson Paige male Senior Chippenham & District Wheelers 390.09 Miles 16.254 Mph
51 TT Bike William Duguid male Senior Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 388.32 Miles 16.18 Mph
52 TT Bike Jon Fairclough male Vet Woking Cycle Club 385.83 Miles +84.61 16.076 Mph
53 TT Bike Rob Milnes male Senior Thanet RC 379.97 Miles 15.832 Mph
54 TT Bike Graham Barker male Vet Rockingham CC 378.99 Miles +96.47 15.791 Mph Claim
55 TT Bike Chris Dines male Vet GS Avanti 374.21 Miles 15.592 Mph
56 TT Bike Lawrence Webster male Vet Aberdeen Wheelers 374.20 Miles 15.592 Mph
57 TT Bike Jocelyn Chappell male Vet Aylesbury CC 374.09 Miles +49.55 15.587 Mph
58 TT Bike Adrian Derbyshire male Vet Leek CC - Den Engel Belgian Bar 370.74 Miles 15.448 Mph
59 TT Bike Ben Mccreath male Senior Bradford CC 344.53 Miles 14.355 Mph
60 TT Bike Josh Crow-stewart male Senior Arctic Aircon RT 337.37 Miles 14.057 Mph
61 TT Bike Bob Richards male Vet Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 336.96 Miles +19.66 14.04 Mph
62 TT Bike Ian Harcourt male Senior Team Ciara Cycling 316.02 Miles 13.168 Mph
63 TT Bike Steven Abraham male Vet Arctic Aircon RT 292.77 Miles 12.199 Mph
64 TT Bike Bob Awcock male Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 284.23 Miles +35.66 11.843 Mph
DNF TT Bike Darren Franks male Vet Cranks
DNF TT Bike Reuben Morgan male Vet Bynea Cycling Club
DNF TT Bike Robert Gray male Vet Loughborough Phoenix CC
DNF TT Bike Victor Chetta male Vet Mid Shropshire Wheelers
DNF TT Bike John Hassall male Vet Bossard Whs
DNF TT Bike Rich Hunt male Vet Army Cycling
DNF TT Bike James Taylor male Senior Berkhamsted Cycling Club
DNF TT Bike Leon Marshall male Senior Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
DNF TT Bike Richard Parrotte male Vet Shaftesbury CC
DNF TT Bike Matthew Stevens male Senior Gloucester City Cycling Club
DNF TT Bike Pete Noel male Vet Royal Leamington Spa Cycling Club
DNF TT Bike Andy Jackson male Vet AeroCoach
DNF TT Bike Doug Arnold male Senior Liverpool Century RC
DNF TT Bike Matthew Larkins male Senior Finsbury Park CC
DNF TT Bike Ray Retter male Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles Claim
DNF TT Bike Jackie Field female Vet CC Ashwell
DNS(A) TT Bike Chris Hanson-jones male Vet Frodsham Wheelers
DNS(A) TT Bike Dave Pemberton male Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles
DNS(A) TT Bike Ben Delaney male Senior Outliers CC
DNS(A) TT Bike Martin Arundel male Vet Verulam CC
DNS(A) TT Bike Richard Walker male Vet VTTA (North Midlands)
DNS(A) TT Bike Brian Kilgannon male Vet Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
DNS(A) TT Bike Damian Healy male Vet Manchester Wheelers
DNS(A) TT Bike Kevin Munt male Vet Farnham RC
DNS(A) TT Bike Jacqueline Hobson female Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles
DNS TT Bike Neil Fowler male Vet Team Ciara Cycling