Sheffrec CC (Monsal)(closed road no lower age limit)

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  • Date: 01-Oct-23
  • Time: 11:00
  • Distance: 0
  • Course: OHC3
  • Closing Date: 20-Sep-23 23:59
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Nichols and Plowman claim to victory on Monsal

  • Published: 02 Oct 23
  • Written By: Snowdon Sports
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Andy Nichols

Andy Nichols (Team Lifting Gear Products) climbed to victory on Monsal for the second time, while Abi Plowman (Jadan Vive Le Velo) was a clear winner in the women’s event.

After missing last year’s event through injury Nichols returned to win the prestigious event for a second time.

Wet weather in Derbyshire meant that competitors had to lower their tyre pressures to maintain traction on the steep slopes on Monsal.

Nichols, aged 33, posted a winning time of one minute and 20 seconds – six seconds down on Malcolm Elliott’s course record of 1-14.

Running since 1930, the 93rd event up Monsal saw competitors once again battle up the 675 yards climb. Starting on a flat gradient for the first 150 yards riders build up their speed before hitting the climb, which has a maximum gradient of 19.4% and a section of 19.1% towards the top.

Nichols, from Sheffield, also won the event in 2021 and finished four seconds clear of his nearest opponent this time out.

A close finish for the remaining podium positions saw Gregg Booker (SUMMAT CC) finish second in 1-24 and James Hartley (Cycling Sheffield) in third a further second back (1-25).

“I’m pretty happy with that one against some really strong competition,” said Nichols.

“There wasn’t super strong winds so it wasn’t terrible, but there was a bit of slippiness. You’ve got a really fast run in and then when you hit the climb itself there are a couple of little ramps which are relatively subtle, but enough if you’re on your limit or in the wrong gear it makes you pay for it.”

The win was Nichols’ sixth open hill climb of the season and he will be hoping to add another win to his tally at next weekend’s Bec CC event before taking on the National Hill Climb Championship two weeks later.

In the women’s event Abi Plowman took victory for the first time on Monsal stopping the clock in 1-53.

The 24-year-old finished fourth last year in 1-59.5 but was not to be denied this time out.

Plowman also won Cleveland Wheelers hill climb last weekend and continued her run towards the National Hill Climb Championships with another victory.

Six seconds further back was Dannielle Watkinson (LND Academy) taking second in 1-59, while Frances Owen (Wahoo Le Col) finished third in 2-01.2 which was four tenths quicker than Ffyona Booker (SUMMAT CC).

“The course was slippery and wheel spin was a bit of an issue, but that's nothing compared to some of the mechanicals the hill climb scene has seen lately so I can't complain,” said Plowman.

“'I’m loving getting stuck into some hill climbs again after a long road season. Nationals this year is on local roads for me so it should be a special one.”

The junior boys’ competition saw Isaac Oliver (Sheffield Youth Cycling Club) stop the clock in 1-30.1 which was a tenth of a second quicker than Ryan Williams (Beeston Cycling Club) (1-30.2), while George Stephen was a further four tenths back (1-30.6).

Fastest veteran male rider was Nicholas Latimer (Team Lifting Gear Products) in 1-30.9 who was just six tenths ahead of Ben Plowman (Sheffrec CC) and Steven Price (Ludlow Brewery Race Team) was narrowly behind in third (1-31.8).

Quickest veteran female was Gemma Sargent (Team Boompods) whose time of 2-01.8 was just three tenths quicker than Emilie Verroken (Team Lifting Gear Products).

Maia Howell (Matlock CC) was fastest junior rider stopping the clock in 2-10 which was four seconds quicker than Ruby Isaac (Welland Valley CC).

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1 Andy Nichols (Team Lifting Gear Products)           1.20
2 Gregg Booker (SUMMAT CC)       1.24
3 James Hartley (Cycling Sheffield)   1.25
4 Jack Hartley (Beeston Cycling Club)          1.26
5 Ewan Tuohy (Dartford Road Club) 1.28
6 Tom Parsons (Team Enable - M.I. Racing – McCann)        1.29

Veteran: Nicholas Latimer (Team Lifting Gear Products)      1.30
Junior: Isaac Oliver (Sheffield Youth Cycling Club) 1.30

1 Abi Plowman (Jadan Vive Le Velo) 1.53
2 Dannielle Watkinson (LND Academy)        1.59
3 Frances Owen (Wahoo Le Col)       2.01
4 Ffyona Booker (SUMMAT CC)      2.01
5 Gemma Sargent (Team Boompods) 2.01
6 Emilie Verroken (Team Lifting Gear Products)       2.02

Veteran: Gemma Sargent (Team Boompods) 2.01
Juvenile: Maia Howell (Matlock CC) 2.10