Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club (50% women)

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  • Date: 20-Jun-21
  • Time: 07:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: H25/17
  • Closing Date: 08-Jun-21 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Hucks and Davies charge to victories in Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club 25

  • Published: 20 Jun 21
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Ollie Hucks

Ollie Hucks (Nopinz Motip Race Team) took his third victory of the season with a convincing win in the Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club 25, while Lauren Davies (AS Test Team) won the women’s event.

The event also saw competitive road bike fields with Edmond Long (London Dynamo) and Olivia Bentley (High Wycombe CC) winning the men’s and women’s events respectively.

Hucks, aged 22, was an emphatic winner in the time trial category with his time of 49 minutes and 51 seconds some 1-49 quicker than his nearest rival.

The H25/17 saw riders start near Oxford and join the A420 on dual and single carriageway roads down to Faringdon before making the return journey.

A misty and slightly wet morning greeted riders for the event on the course which is not known for being the fastest.

Hucks, who has also won the High Wycombe CC 25 and Westerley CC 10 already this season, was the only rider to break the 50-minute barrier.

Veteran Antony Turner (Mickey Cranks Cycling Club) won the Team Swindon Cycles 10 earlier this season but had to settle for second this time out in 51-40.

Fellow veteran Chris Holmes (Twickenham CC) completed the podium positions taking third in 52-07.

Edmond Long (London Dynamo) took his first victory of the season in the road bike event covering the course in 55-41 – a minute faster than his nearest rival.

Scott Redding (Goode2tri Team) was second road bike in 56-44 while Adam Swan (CC Ashwell) placed third (57-48).

On her last time out Davies finished second in the Oxonian CC 50, using a longer version of the same course, but went one better on this occasion with the veteran winning the women’s event in 58-11.

Emma Bexson (Stratford Cycling Club) finished second in 1-03-18 while Joy Payne (High Wycombe CC) placed third (1-09-17).

In the women’s road bike event Olivia Bentley (High Wycombe CC) added another victory to her collection in 1-01-01.

Bentley has also won the Brighton Mitre Hilly and FTP Racing 50 on road bikes during her last two outings and was successful again on this occasion.

Rachel Dumbrell (CC London) placed second in 1-04-15 while Georgia Fife-Wright (Didcot Phoenix CC) finished third (1-06-45).

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1 Ollie Hucks (Nopinz Motip Race Team) 49.51
2 Antony Turner (Mickey Cranks Cycling Club) 51.40
3 Chris Holmes (Twickenham CC) 52.07
4 Massimiliano Radi (Team Bottrill) 52.38
5 Alexander Donger (Oxonian CC) 53.53
6 James Ashcroft (Nopinz Motip Race Team) 54.38
7 Simon Smith (JRC Shutt Ridley RT) 54.46
8 Mark Hamer (Stratford Cycling Club) 55.18
9 Russell Kingston (Oxonian CC) 55.41
10 Alistair Chappelle (Ful-on-Tri) 56.05

Road bikes
1 Edmond Long (London Dynamo) 55.41
2 Scott Redding (Goode2tri Team) 56.44
3 Adam Swan (CC Ashwell) 57.48

1 Lauren Davies (AS Test Team) 58.11
2 Emma Bexson (Stratford Cycling Club) 1:03.18
3 Joy Payne (High Wycombe CC) 1:09.17

Women’s road bike
1 Olivia Bentley (High Wycombe CC) 1:01.01
2 Rachel Dumbrell (CC London) 1:04.15
3 Georgia Fife-Wright (Didcot Phoenix CC) 1:06.45