Barnesbury CC (pref to North East based riders)

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  • Date: 19-Jul-20
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: M2510
  • Closing Date: 07-Jul-20 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Team-mates Hutchinson and Jessett victorious in Barnesbury CC 25

  • Published: 19 Jul 20
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Thomas Hutchinson

Team Kirkley Cycles riders Thomas Hutchinson and Miriam Jessett took victories in the Barnesbury CC 25-mile time trial on Sunday.

One of just three events to go ahead following the easing of Coronavirus lockdown rules, the event went well with riders socially distancing and following all rules.

Hutchinson clocked 48-54 to take victory overall by 26 seconds from Michael Gill (AeroLab Ward Wheelz), with third spot going to Lewis Timmins (Team Swift) who was another 1-36 behind the pace but just managed to edge out last man off Keith Murray (Drag2Zero) by 30 seconds.

Fastest female was 20-year-old Newcastle woman Miriam Jessett, her time of 57-58 giving her 41st overall in a field of 100 competitors.

That performance was an impressive 4-28 faster than second female Jen McMahon (Sub Rosa), while Lindsay Turnbull (Vector Racing) took third, another 1-13 behind.

24-year-old Newcastle-based Hutchinson’s only open time trial performance of 2020 so far was in the Team Sportslab 10 the week before lockdown, but he made it count with a time of 19-22 which gave him victory by 19 seconds.

Miriam Jessett

“It’s great to be racing again and a big thank you to Barnesbury CC for organising such a fantastic event in such unusual times!” said Hutchinson.

“During lockdown I’ve continued with my training plan as usual with a bit more volume but keeping the intensity, which has given me confidence as racing resumes. I’m happy to take the win today with some great competition and I look forward to the racing calendar ahead.”

Jessett’s only performance of 2020 was in the Leicestershire RC 10 on March 8, where she was victorious in 24-37 and just over a minute quicker than her nearest rival.

She said: “It felt great to get a number on my back again. This was the first 25 of the year for me, so I wasn't sure how it would go. During lockdown the whole team has been training really hard. It's fantastic to see the hard work we've put in pay off.”

Sunday’s event was a close-run thing, with runner-up Gill being four seconds ahead of Hutchinson at the end of the first lap, but the Team Kirkley Cycles rider pulled it back on the second lap to win by 26 seconds.

In other categories fourth-placed Murray was quickest veteran with an age standard of +15.39, while Philip Kennell (GS Metro) was second in that category with +14.53.

Lee Cuthbertson

In the road bike category the win went to Lee Cuthbertson (Muckle CC) in 55-28, beating runner-up Joe Leiserach (Blaydon CC) by 1-39.

Josh Charlton (Hetton Hawks) was quickest junior with 51-46, while Joe Dixon (Velo Culture) was fastest juvenile in 1-00-09.

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Pos   Name  Club  Time

1     Thomas Hutchinson Team Kirkley Cycles    48:54

2     Michael Gill     AeroLab Ward WheelZ    49:20

3     Lewis Timmins    Team Swift  50:56

4     Keith Murray     DRAG2ZERO   51:26

5     Julian MacBride  Team Kirkley Cycles    51:30

6     Lewis Wake  Team Kirkley Cycles    51:44

7     Josh Charlton    Hetton Hawks CC  51:46

8     Andrew Duggan    Physiohaus  51:57

9     Daniel Dixon     Revolver Racing  52:29

10    Graham Crammond  Team Swift  52:32

11    Tommy Murray     GS Metro    52:46

12    David Beattie    Hawick Cycling Club    53:01

13    Shaun Brannan    Muckle Cycle Club 53:36

14    Philip Kennell   GS Metro    53:45

15    Jay Pitt    Derwentside CC   53:53

16    Shaun Tyson Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling  54:15

17    Thomas Fletcher  Reifen Racing    54:28

18    David Nearney    South Shields Velo Cycling Club    54:45

19    Sam Murray  DRAG2ZERO   54:58

20    James Hadfield   Blaydon CC  55:03

21    Adam Smith  North Shields Polytechnic Club     55:07

22    Phil Hall   Velo Culture     55:11

23    Hedley Fletcher  Blaydon CC  55:13

24    Lee Cuthbertson  Muckle Cycle Club 55:28

25    Wilson-Jay Brown PM Racing UK     55:42

26    Peter Stokoe     Reifen Racing    55:57

27    Adam Wilson Velo Culture     56:08

28    Elliot Sharp     Vector Racing    56:20

29    Ian-James Elder  Vector Racing    56:32

30    Greg Charlton    Muckle Cycle Club 56:54

31    Wayne Coates     Derwentside CC   57:00

32    Neil Wilkinson   Blaydon CC  57:00

33    Roger Clarke     Tyneside Vagabonds CC  57:05

34    Joe Leiserach    Blaydon CC  57:07

35    Rhys Warburton   South Shields Velo Cycling Club    57:12

36    Darren McBain    Team Swift  57:14

37    Patrick Martin   North Tyneside Riders CC     57:43

38    Mark Whaley Blaydon CC  57:50

39    Simon Emsley     Derwentside CC   57:53

40    Colin Atkinson   Muckle Cycle Club 57:55

41    Miriam Jessett   Team Kirkley Cycles    57:58

42    Kevin Hall  Sunderland Clarion     57:59

43    Adam Harrison    Barnesbury CC    58:16

44    Joseph Hunter    Allen Valley Velo 58:21

45    Chris Mather     Derwentside CC   58:21

46    Michael Lynch    Derwentside CC   58:21

47    Daniel O'Callaghan     South Shields Velo Cycling Club    58:26

48    Martin Rasmussen Tyneside Vagabonds CC  59:30

49    Colin Blacklock  Muckle Cycle Club 59:33

50    Dean Madden Barnesbury CC    59:38

51    David Symes Blaydon CC  59:47

52    Dan Venner  North Shields Polytechnic Club     59:57

53    Joe Dixon   Velo Culture     1:00:09

54    Jordan Rawlins   Protech Velo     1:00:11

55    Noel Stoddart    Blaydon CC  1:00:33

56    Keith Davison    Hadrian RT  1:01:15

57    David Linsley    Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC    1:01:23

58    Jon Moss    Vector Racing    1:01:42

59    Stephen Walton   Muckle Cycle Club 1:01:52

60    Thomas Heighton  Ferryhill Whs    1:02:15

61    Jen McMahon Sub Rosa    1:02:24

62    Richard Glennie  Barnesbury CC    1:02:45

63    Lee McCarron     Barnesbury CC    1:03:13

64    Chris Whittle    Vector Racing    1:03:22

65    Mark Douglas     Tri Northumberland (Tri North)     1:03:25

66    Lindsay Turnbull Vector Racing    1:03:37

67    Keith Sibbald    Zeus CRT    1:03:54

68    Daniel Anderson  South Shields Velo Cycling Club    1:04:23

69    Alan Davison     Tri Northumberland (Tri North)     1:04:37

70    Stephen Johnstone Barnesbury CC    1:04:38

71    Rick Mitford     Cestria C.C.     1:04:42

72    Teri Bayliss     Sub Rosa    1:05:02

73    David Milton     Vector Racing    1:05:18

74    David Ballantyne EMC Cycling 1:06:05

75    Andrew Dixon     Durham Triathlon Club  1:06:06

76    Alistair MacDonald     Sporting Club Gothic   1:06:10

77    Mick Chappel     North Tyneside Riders CC     1:06:23

78    Stu Richardson   Barnesbury CC    1:06:35

79    Scott Whittle    Vector Racing    1:06:36

80    Claire Harlow    North Shields Polytechnic Club     1:06:39

81    Colin Gardener   Flyte Racing     1:07:05

82    Laura Warburton  South Shields Velo Cycling Club    1:07:29

83    Ray Bell    Derwentside CC   1:07:45

84    Hal Kennedy North Tyneside Riders CC     1:08:11

85    Barry Holyoak    South Shields Velo Cycling Club    1:09:30

86    Fiona McDonald   Team Newcastle Triathlon     1:10:00

87    Mark Christie    Durham Triathlon Club  1:10:22

88    Aidan Berry North Tyneside Riders CC     1:10:23

89    Caitlin Pollock  Team Newcastle Triathlon     1:11:45

90    Sophie Heighton  Ferryhill Whs    1:15:46

91    Scott Walton     Tyne Tri    1:16:45*

92    Heather Gould    North Shields Polytechnic Club     1:20:57

93    Gareth Davies    Barnesbury CC    1:27:07

      Kris Whitelaw    Team Swift  DNS

      Stephen Magrath  Blaydon CC  APOLS

      Kyle Spence Velo Culture     APOLS

      Ross Gray   Allen Valley Velo APOLS

      Christopher Beaty Allen Valley Velo APOLS

      Craig Bell  Allen Valley Velo APOLS

      James George Dunn South Shields Velo Cycling Club    DNS