East Sussex CA

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  • Date: 12-Oct-19
  • Time: 10:00
  • Distance: 0
  • Course: gh/84
  • Closing Date: 03-Oct-19 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
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Victories for Ross and Webb in East Sussex

  • Published: 12 Oct 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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David Ross

Olivia Webb and David Ross powered to hill-climb wins in the event hosted by East Sussex Cycling Association on Saturday, near Firle.

David Ross (LFGSS CC) finally claimed victory for the first time in this event after coming so close in past seasons.

Rowan Brackston had claimed the previous two titles but this time around Ross took top spot, and his first victory since 2017 with a time of 4-00.0.

Richard Cartland (South Downs Bikes) could only finish behind Ross for the second consecutive year but claimed second place in 4-12.9.

He wasn’t the only rider to post that time however, as Theo Tadros (trainSharp) crossed the line in the exact same time to share second spot in what would be his first podium finish since May.

In the women’s category Olivia Webb (Eastbourne Rovers CC) claimed her first hill-climbing victory of the season, albeit after only completing her second hill-climb.

Webb finished third in her last outing on a course of the hilly variety but a time of 5-39.9 gave her a 20 second victory over her nearest rival.

Second place went to Sally Turner (trainSharp) in 6-00.0 while Alice Gilmore (Brighton Mitre CC) was another ten seconds back in third as the 18-year-old posted 6-10.8.

In other categories, overall joint second placed man Theo Tadros was fastest junior while 15-year-old Jack Hartrey (Kingston Wheelers CC) was quickest juvenile in 5-11.4.

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1. David Ross (LFGSS CC)   4:00.0

=2. Theo Tadros (trainSharp)  4:12.9

=2. Richard Cartland (South Downs Bikes/ Casco Pet)         4:12.9

4. Alex Byrne-Smith (LFGSS CC) 4:13.4

5. Peter Tadros (trainSharp)    4:13.8

6. Paul Newsome (Project 51)            4:24. 5

7. Pete Morris (Team ASL)    4:36.7

8. Nathan Russell (trainSharp)            4:41.3

9. James Gilmore (Brighton Mitre CC)          4:42.3

10. Michael Sleeman (Durham University CC)         4:49.8



1. Olivia Webb (Eastbourne Rovers CC)       5:39.9

2. Sally Turner (trainSharp)    6:00.0

3. Alice Gilmore (Brighton Mitre CC)           6:10.8


Junior: Theo Tadros

Juvenile: Jack Hartrey (Kingston Wheelers CC)       5:11.4