Bynea CC

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  • Date: 09-Jun-19
  • Time: 09:00
  • Distance: 50 Miles
  • Course: R50/5
  • Closing Date: 28-May-19 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
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Travis and Lane test form to win Bynea 50

  • Published: 09 Jun 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Stuart Travis

Stuart Travis (Team Bottrill) tested his legs on the course to be used for the National 50 and took the men’s victory in the Bynea CC 50 while Amanda Lane (Bynea CC) won the women’s event.

Travis, from Birmingham, was scratch rider in the event which was moved onto the R50/5 course due to roadworks on the planned route.

The 34-year-old, who finished fifth in last year’s National 50 Championship, clocked a winning time of 1-45-02.

The rarely used R50/5 course, which is undulating in places with some rough road surfaces, saw riders tackle a headwind down the A40 starting at Llandovery before turning for home at Carmarthen with a tailwind back.

Local riders used their knowledge of the course to their advantage and Christopher Gibbard (Bynea Cycling Club) took a close second place in 1:45.36.

Veteran Daniel Northover (Finsbury Park CC) took third overall (1:45.49) and was fastest veteran on standard with a time of +30.16.

“I wanted to get a 50 in this weekend and so it was a sort of accident to be riding the National 50 course when it got moved,” said Travis. “It’s a nice honest course on a single carriageway and you don’t get dragged along by a lot of traffic like on some courses.”

The women’s event saw a clear victory for host club rider Amanda Lane who clocked a winning time of two hours, fifteen minutes and forty-two seconds.

She was chased home by Roxy Woodfield (Hereford Triathlon Club) taking second in 2:19.13 while Rachel Parkinson (Bynea Cycling Club) finished third clocking 2:37.36.

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1. Stuart Travis (Team Bottrill)           1:45.02
2. Christopher Gibbard (Bynea Cycling Club)           1:45.36
3. Daniel Northover (Finsbury Park CC)        1:45.49
4. Pat Wright (Paceline RT)    1:46.29
5. Arthur Franklin (Portishead CC)    1:47.16
6. Lee Perrott (Cycle Specific)           1:49.10
7. Richard Coomer (Pembrokeshire Velo)      1:56.10
8. Guy Rees (Bynea Cycling Club)    1:56.36
9. Tristan Davenne (Newbury RC)     1:57.14
10. Gary Flower (Acme Wheelers (Rhondda) CC)    1:57.54

1. Amanda Lane (Bynea Cycling Club)         2:15.42
2. Roxy Woodfield (Hereford Triathlon Club)          2:19.13
3. Rachel Parkinson (Bynea Cycling Club)    2:37.36

Veteran on Standard:
1. Daniel Northover (Finsbury Park CC)        +30.16
2. Lee Perrott (Cycle Specific)           +25.57