Barnesbury CC (Cheques to B Bayne)

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  • Date: 30-Mar-19
  • Time: 12:00
  • Distance: 21 Miles
  • Course: M21
  • Closing Date: 19-Mar-19 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Wins for Frost and Hutchinson in Barnesbury TT

  • Published: 31 Mar 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Tom Hutchinson

Gemma Frost was fastest female while Tom Hutchinson took the men’s prize at the challenging Barnesbury CC hilly 21-mile time trial in Northumberland on Saturday.

Frost, the 36-year-old from Consett who rides for Team Swift, clocked 51-41 to win by 1-15 from Venda Louise Pollock (Blaydon CC), while third fastest female was veteran Christina Murray (Army Cycling).

Team Kirkley Cycles rider Hutchinson, 23 and from Gosforth, covered the M21 course near Belsay in 44-48 to win by 36 seconds from Ribble Pro Cycling’s Zeb Kyffin, while third spot went to Team Swift’s Lewis Timmins, another 20 seconds off the pace and beating veteran Keith Murray (drag2zero) into fourth.

Light drizzle did little to affect riders in an event which was cancelled 12 months ago because of snow and ice, but it still presented riders with a good challenge as one of the season opening events in the North East.

“I really didn’t expect to win as Zeb Kyffin (Ribble Pro Cycling) is having a cracking season already,” said Hutchinson afterwards. “The conditions were good, very warm during the ride but it did get a little cold and drizzly just towards the end of my race.

“I haven’t really changed much in terms of bike set-up this season.  I’ve just been riding it more during the winter.  This win has given me a great morale boost ahead of the British University Champs (BUCS) 10M TT next weekend.”

Gemma Frost

Similar, Frost didn’t know what to expect from her ride as it is early season.

“I really didn’t know what to expect being my first race this season, particularly as there was such a strong ladies field,” she said. “I knew I would have to work hard for the win.

“I’ve changed my training up quite a lot this year and I’m now being coached by Lewis Timmins (also of Team Swift) and it seems to be working so far. On reflection, I am more than happy with how I rode today – I couldn’t ask for anything better this early in the season.”

In other categories, the highest placed rider for the host club was John Routledge of Barnesbury CC who clocked a respectable 47:10 for seventh place overall, while Sam Murray (Drag2zero) was the fastest junior with a time of 48-44 to take 11th spot overall.

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John Routledge

Pos      Name               club     gender category          time

1          Thomas            Hutchinson      Team Kirkley Cycles   Male    Senior  44:48

2          Zeb      Kyffin Ribble Pro Cycling      Male    Espoir  45:24

3          Lewis Timmins          Team Swift     Male    Senior  45:44

4          Keith   Murray            DRAG2ZERO            Male    Veteran           46:05

5          Andrew           Duggan           Physiohaus Health and Performance  Male    Senior  46:18

6          Michael           Gill      EMC Cycling  Male    Espoir  46:44

7          John     Routledge       Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  47:10

8          Michael           Smart   TS Racing Team - OTR          Male    Senior  47:46

9          Harry   Walker Revolver Racing         Male    Veteran           48:28

10        David  Nearney           South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Male    Senior  48:44

11        Sam     Murray            DRAG2ZERO            Male    Junior  49:16

12        Michael           Sloanes      Male    Senior  49:19

13        Daryl   Oguona           Tricademy       Male    Veteran           49:38

14        Jay       Pitt      Derwentside CC         Male    Senior  50:03

15        Gavin  Richardson      Sunderland Clarion     Male    Veteran           50:08

16        Chris    Mather Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           50:12

17        Philip   Kennell            GS Metro        Male    Veteran           50:13

18        Ian       Taylor    Male    Veteran           50:27

19        Daniel  Smith   TS Racing Team - OTR          Male    Senior  50:31

20        Peter    Stokoe Sunderland Clarion     Male    Senior  50:42

21        Gemma            Frost    Team Swift     Female Senior  51:41

22        Christopher     Beaty   Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  51:45

23        Terry    Fountain          Breeze Bikes RT         Male    Veteran           51:50

24        Paul     Richardson      Wearside Triathlon      Male    Senior  51:56

25        James   Meadows        Cleveland Wheelers CC          Male    Senior  52:05

26        Graeme            Taylor Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC        Male    Senior  52:12

27        Mark    Tully    Sunderland Clarion     Male    Senior  52:13

28        Dean    Madden           Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           52:14

29        Paul     Hague  Gosforth RC   Male    Veteran           52:28

30        Ben      Johnson           Derwentside CC         Male    Senior  52:43

31        Liam    Whitelaw         Zeus CRT        Male    Senior  52:49

32        Venda Louise  Pollock            Blaydon CC    Female Veteran           52:56

33        Ross    Gray    Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  52:57

34        Mark    Whaley            Blaydon CC    Male    Veteran           53:15

35        David  Jones   EMC Cycling  Male    Veteran           53:24

36        Rhys    Warburton       South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Male    Senior  53:26

36        Alan    Henry  Zeus CRT        Male    Veteran           53:26

38        Christina          Murray            Army Cycling Female Veteran           53:34

39        Adam  Harrison          Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  53:36

40        Colin   Blacklock        Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Veteran           53:50

41        Clive    Allan   Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  53:54

42        Lee      Statham           Houghton CC Male    Veteran           54:02

43        Thomas            Pugh    TS Racing Team - OTR          Male    Senior  54:08

44        Christopher     Wayman          EMC Cycling  Male    Senior  54:16

45        Stephen           Walton            Muckle Cycle Club     Male    Veteran           54:27

46        Keith   Davison           Hadrian R.T    Male    Veteran           54:32

47        Phil      Watson            Hadrian R.T    Male    Veteran           55:15

48        Joseph Hunter Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  55:29

49        Jordan Matthews        Adept Cycling            Male    Senior  55:35

50        Darryl Manning          Allen Valley Velo       Male    Veteran           55:39

51        Jennifer           Batey   Team Boompods         Female Senior  55:42

52        Neil     Parkin  Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           55:45

53        Lee      Ridden            Reifen Racing Male    Veteran           55:48

54        Ian       Gallon North Tyneside Riders CC     Male    Veteran           56:00

55        Natalie Batey   Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service CC        Female Senior  56:07

56        Lee      McCarron        Barnesbury CC           Male    Senior  56:23

57        Andrew           Dickson           Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club         Male    Senior  56:54

58        Guillaume        Zoppi   North Tyneside Riders CC     Male    Veteran           57:04

59        James George  Dunn   South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Male    Senior  57:14

60        Bryan  Ross    South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Male    Veteran           57:15

61        Damian            Chandler         Tricademy       Male    Veteran           57:18

62        Sean    Murray            North Racing  Male    Senior  57:51

63        Miriam             Jessett Team Kirkley Cycles   Female Espoir  57:55

64        Byron  Beatty Alnwick & District Triathlon Club     Male    Veteran           58:16

65        Mark    Herbert            Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           58:20

66        David  Goodwin         Newcastle Cheviot CC           Male    Veteran           58:21

67        Michael           Lynch  Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           58:24

68        Mark    Ambury           Zeus CRT        Male    Veteran           58:30

69        Bryan  Laycock          MTS Cycle Sport        Male    Senior  58:35

70        Michael           Aspey  Reifen Racing Male    Veteran           58:41

71        Marie   Lynn    Team Jadan-Weldtite p/b Vive Le Velo         Female Espoir  58:45

72        Jen       Mcmahon        Muckle Cycle Club     Female Senior  59:16

73        Craig   Nicholl            South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Male    Veteran           59:20

74        Patrick             Hamilton         Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           59:32

75        Richard           Glennie            Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           1:00:01

76        Tony    Mccann           Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           1:00:34

77        Robert Stowers           Allen Valley Velo       Male    Veteran           1:00:35

78        Steve   Cunningham    North Tyneside Riders CC     Male    Senior  1:01:23

79        Francis             Smith   Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           1:01:36

80        Laura   Warburton       South Shields Velo Cycling Club       Female Senior  1:01:44

81        John     Hopper            Zeus CRT        Male    Veteran           1:01:49

82        Richard           Sill       Wansbeck CC Male    Veteran           1:02:57

83        Raymond        Bell      Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           1:04:40

84        Leigh   Blanks Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           1:05:26

85        Nikki   Metcalfe          Team Boompods         Female Veteran           1:05:51

86        Tracey Sample            Breeze Bikes RT         Female Veteran           1:07:20

87        Nicola  Mccoy Muckle Cycle Club     Female Veteran           1:07:41

88        Phil      Dunn   Wansbeck CC Male    Veteran           1:09:22

89        Mick    Chappel           North Tyneside Riders CC     Male    Veteran           1:10:21

90        Jane     Massey            Cramlington CC          Female Veteran           1:11:05

91        John     Beecroft          Wansbeck CC Male    Veteran           1:11:36

92        Mike    Cole     Cleveland Wheelers CC          Male    Veteran           1:12:24

93        Anthony          Prince  Ponteland Tri  Male    Veteran           1:13:25

94        Joe       Applegarth      Houghton CC Male    Veteran           1:13:37

95        Gareth Davies Barnesbury CC           Male    Veteran           1:25:50

APOLS           Marcus            Cram   Blaydon CC    Male    Senior  APOLS

APOLS           Howie             Buckingham    Allen Valley Velo       Male    Veteran           APOLS

APOLS           Jason   Robson            Derwentside CC         Male    Veteran           APOLS

APOLS           Simon  Clark   GS Metro        Male    Veteran           APOLS

APOLS           Richard           Sharp   Team Swift     Male    Senior  APOLS

DNF    Craig   Bell      Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  DNF

DNS    Ian       Norris    Male    Veteran           DNS

DNS    Sue      Mcfarlane        Army Cycling Female Senior  DNS

DNS    Mark    Elliott  Allen Valley Velo       Male    Senior  DNS

DNS    Phil      Hall     Breeze Bikes RT         Male    Veteran           DNS