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  • Date: 09-Jun-21
  • Time: 18:45
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: R10/17
  • Closing Date: 29-May-21 23:59
  • Categories:
    • All Youth
    • All Junior
    • All Espoir
    • All Senior
    • All Veteran
    • All Para

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Prizes are medals and prizes are awarded equally across genders. Riders score points for end of season series awards and team points towards the coveted Magic Dragon Trophy.

HQ - St John’s Ambulance Hall, Fairfield Car Park Abergavenny (NP7 5SG) – Opens: 18:00

Timekeepers – Start: Phyllis Harradine, Finish: Robin Field

COVID-19 Safety Measures (resulting from the CTT Risk Assessment):

• Only attend the event if you are in good health. If you, or members of your family, are experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID- 19 you must not attend. An elevated resting heart rate or exceptionally quick to react heart rate during warm up can suggest an underlying asymptomatic illness of ANY kind”. You should not start (DNS) and leave immediately.


• Car Parking: Please Park legally and respectfully and in such a way that social distancing can be observed.


• The sign-on sheet will be displayed on the table with the numbers laid out and a one-way system in place with 2m gaps marked. Numbers are returned at sign out.  The sign on will be outside if the weather permits.


• Sanitiser gel will be available at the sign on area and should be used.  Your temperature will be checked before admittance to the HQ is permitted.


• Riders will need to bring their own pens to sign on and sign out and their own safety pins should

they need them to attach their number.


• Please follow any special conditions that may be posted at sign on.


• Face covering should be used at sign on and sign off and if you enter the hall to use the toilets. Social distancing must be observed at all times, setting up the bike, signing on etc. DO NOT congregate outside the HQ before it opens.


• Roller or Turbo trainers for warming up should only be used where they are not close to private properties and where social distancing from other people can be maintained. We would prefer warming up on the road.


• At the start maintain a 2m gap between yourself and the other riders waiting to start and keep left it is a busy Dual Carriageway!


• The Timekeepers with either be sat in a car or standing a safe distance away.  Do not approach the timekeepers at the start or finish. You will need to start with one foot on the ground.


• Riders must not leave person items with the timekeepers e.g. warn up tops or on the sign-on table.


• Once you have finished you should sign out, return your number, pack your bike away, then go home.


• The result will be posted on the CTT website, if there are any queries contact me and I will investigate and amend the results accordingly, should that be necessary.


• Riders are requested not to loiter/congregate in car parking areas or sign-on area etc.


• Spectators should NOT be encouraged to attend.


• For the Juniors/Juveniles that are racing - 1 member of your household is permitted to attend with them. The adult also needs to follow the guidelines stated in this briefing. They can assist with mechanicals and first aid issues. They cannot sign on/out for the rider, but should be present at the HQ with the rider.


Use of Toilets at the HQ:

Face coverings are required when entering the building.

The Male and Female toilets are in use.

Only one person is allowed in a toilet at a time.

A maximum of 4 people is allowed waiting in the building (one by each marker).

Reminder, the toilets or building are not to be used as a changing facility.



Organiser Details

Martyn Heritage-Owen
07786 067819
28 Clos Tyla Bach
St Mellons

Event Details

Event Type
09 Jun 2021 18:45
Closing Date
29 May 2021 23:59
10 miles
Accepted Categories
  • All Youth
  • All Junior
  • All Espoir
  • All Senior
  • All Veteran
  • All Para
Accepted Machines
  • TT Bike
  • Road Bike
  • Tricycle