Course Code: J5/8

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Course Code: J5/8

J5/8 Blythe Bridge - Sudbury - Blythe Bridge on A50 (25 miles)

J5/8 - 25 - Miles - 2004 This is to replace J5/7 which has had to be abandoned due to traffic lights

Start At a JS5/8 mark on Uttoxeter Road, Draycote in the Moors, opposite houses 175 & 177 “West View” in the middle of an Iron Field Gate approx 6feet beyond a bus stop. Proceed West to join the A50 at:-

Blythe Bridge 0.784 m 0.784 m Left onto the A50 to:-

McDonalds Island (B5053) 8.588 m 9.372 m Continue on the A50 to:-

A518 Racecourse Island (Travel Inn Island) 0.860 m 10.232 m Continue on the A50 to:-

Slip Road at the junction with the A515 (This is the turn) 3.327 m 13.559 m Left down the slip road to a traffic island take the 3rd exit left under the A50 to the second traffic island take 3 rd exit left to rejoin the A50 and:-

Retrace on the A50 with Care 0.461 m 14.020 m A518 Racecourse (Travel Inn Island) 3.670 m 17.669 m Take 2nd exit left and continue on the A50 to:-

McDonalds Island (B5030) 0.860 m 18.529 m Continue on the A50 to:-

Finish 6.741 m 25.000 m At a JF5/8 mark adjacent to the last grid in the Second lay-by after the lay-by marked with an SOS box (A50 1224A)

If the mark has gone from the road by the time your event takes place I have marked a tree by the boundary fence with yellow paint.


NOTES 1 Maximum of two cars at the start and keep the noise down to a minimum as the start is opposite houses.

1 The finish time keeper will have to travel along the course to McDonalds Island and retrace to find the finish (approx 20 miles).

2 Competitors must not stop at the finish time keeper but must continue to the HQ where their times will be displayed

Course Details

Category Distance
25 miles

Course Records

Solo Open
Adam Duggleby
20-Aug-23 | Manchester Bicycle Club (Cheshire Points Series 20 of 20)
Solo Female
Karen Ledger
10-Sep-16 | stone wheelers
Solo Open (Junior)
Tristan Pilling
20-May-17 | stone wheelers (manchester dc preference)