Addiscombe CC 25

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  • Date: 29-Apr-12
  • Time: 00:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: unknown
  • Closing Date: 29-Apr-12 00:00
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

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Position Img First Name Last Name Gender Category Club Time Avg. Speed
1 Richard Simmonds Male Senior London Dynamo 52:35 28.526 Mph
2 Richard Gifford Male In-Gear 55:41 26.938 Mph Claim
3 Nick Dwyer Male Lewes Wanderers CC 56:20 26.628 Mph Claim
4 Rupert Burbidge Male In-Gear 56:50 26.393 Mph Claim
5 Iain Brogden Male 57:08 26.255 Mph Claim
6 Sebastian Ader Male 57:45 25.974 Mph Claim
7 Rupert Robinson Male Crawley Wheelers 57:59 25.87 Mph Claim
8 Lee Turner Male 58:30 25.641 Mph Claim
9 George Brent Male 58:33 25.619 Mph Claim
10 Peter Morris Male Lewes Wanderers CC 58:39 25.576 Mph Claim
11 Stu Nisbett Male Crawley Wheelers 58:44 25.539 Mph Claim
12 David Pollard Male In-Gear 58:55 25.46 Mph Claim
13 Niall Digby Male 59:02 25.41 Mph Claim
14 Steve Dennis Male East Grinstead CC 59:18 25.295 Mph Claim
15 Mark Smith Male Crawley Wheelers 59:34 25.182 Mph Claim
16 Rob Pelham Male Lewes Wanderers CC 59:35 25.175 Mph Claim
17 Christian Yates Male East Grinstead CC 59:42 25.126 Mph Claim
18 Roger Smith Male 59:55 25.035 Mph Claim
19 Jim Burdett Male 1:00:59 24.597 Mph Claim
20 Nigel Langridge Male Crawley Wheelers 1:01:06 24.55 Mph Claim
21 Jamie Hill Male Redhill CC 1:01:09 24.53 Mph Claim
22 Ray Sullivan Male Redhill CC 1:01:37 24.344 Mph Claim
23 Stephen Emmerson Male Epsom CC 1:01:47 24.279 Mph Claim
24 Geoff Smith Male 1:01:51 24.253 Mph Claim
25 Chris Twine Male 1:02:03 24.174 Mph Claim
26 Colin Harris Male Lewes Wanderers CC 1:02:13 24.11 Mph Claim
27 Dominic Lowden Male Vet Lewes Wanderers CC 1:02:18 24.077 Mph
28 Sam Dix Male In-Gear 1:02:39 23.943 Mph Claim
29 Kevin Wilson Male 1:02:49 23.879 Mph Claim
30 Michael Kazimierski Male 1:03:49 23.505 Mph Claim
31 Michael Turner Male Lewes Wanderers CC 1:04:22 23.304 Mph Claim
32 Robert Marcus Male 1:04:24 23.292 Mph Claim
33 Robert Hoodless Male Crawley Wheelers 1:05:11 23.012 Mph Claim
34 Nick McCormick Male Epsom CC 1:06:53 22.427 Mph Claim
35 Robert Royle-Evatt Male 1:07:34 22.201 Mph Claim
36 Helen Bullimore Male In-Gear 1:08:03 22.043 Mph Claim
37 Laura Fidler Male 1:08:43 21.829 Mph Claim
38 Lucy Ashdown-Parkes Male 1:11:13 21.063 Mph Claim
39 Rachel Baker Male Senior Crawley Wheelers 1:12:08 20.795 Mph
40 David Bridle Male Southdown Velo 1:12:33 20.676 Mph Claim
41 Roland Townson Male 1:13:01 20.543 Mph Claim
42 Geoff Clifton Male Redhill CC 1:13:15 20.478 Mph Claim
43 Stephen Alden Male Crawley Wheelers 1:13:31 20.404 Mph Claim
44 Paul Tunnell Male 1:15:24 19.894 Mph Claim
45 Naomi Gaylor Male 1:18:36 19.084 Mph Claim
DNS Mel Robertson Male Claim
DNS Richard Tully Male Claim
DNS Rory Maguire Male Claim
DNS Andrew J Green Male Old Portlians CC Claim
DNS James Horan Male Claim
DNS Michael Valks Male Lewes Wanderers CC Claim
DNS John Powell Male Claim
DNS Jonathan Hemming Male Claim
DNS Nigel Herron Male Claim
DNS Paul Valks Male Sussex Nomads CC Claim
DNS Philip Allen Male Brighton Mitre CC Claim
DNS Carl Richardson Male In-Gear Claim
DNS Matthew Butt Male Claim
DNS Dave Warne Male Old Portlians CC Claim
DNS Paul Thatcher Male Brighton Mitre CC Claim
DNS James Lowden Male Claim
DNS John Mankelow Male Lewes Wanderers CC Claim
DNS Dominic Lowe Male Claim
DNS Mark Green Male London Dynamo Claim
DNS Paul King Male Old Portlians CC Claim
DNS Mark Paton Male Lewes Wanderers CC Claim
DNS Adrian Cansfield Male Claim
DNS Clive Jackson Male Central Sussex CC Claim
DNS Adam Ford Male Claim
DNS Paul Morris Male Claim
DNS Graeme Stirzaker Male Claim
DNS Rog Griffiths Male Claim
DNS Jason Kemp Male Claim
DNS Bryn Reeves Male Claim
DNS Jeremy Wootton Male Claim
DNS Andy Morley Male Claim
DNS Jon Masters Male Norwood Paragon CC Claim
DNS Andrew Stobbart Male Claim
DNS David Haggart Male De Laune CC Claim
DNS David French Male Weybridge Wheelers Claim
DNS Rowan O'Driscoll Male Claim
DNS Philip Hawkes Male Claim
DNS George Thomas Male Crawley Wheelers Claim
DNS Paul Smith Male Claim
DNS Quintin Wright Male Claim
DNS Tim Carpenter Male Claim
DNS Steven Anyon Male Claim
DNS Peter Rowe Male Claim
DNS Charl Jordaan Male Redhill CC Claim
DNS Paul Garner Male Claim
DNS Robert Taylor Male Senior
DNS Jon Archdeacon Male De Laune CC Claim
DNS Stuart Papworth Male Claim
DNS Mark Frost Male Lewes Wanderers CC Claim
DNS Stephen Donovan Male Claim
DNS David Motton Male Redhill CC Claim
DNS Warren Higgins Male Claim
DNS John Froud Male
DNS Ade Fadero Male Sussex Nomads CC Claim
DNS Dominic Harrison Male Claim
DNS David Mayes Male Deal Tri Claim
DNS Joe Perrett Male Ciclos Uno Claim
DNS Bob Donington Male Clarence Wheelers CC Claim
DNS Mark Taviner Male Claim
DNS Alan Rowe Male De Laune CC Claim
DNS Neil Midgley Male Lewes Wanderers CC Claim
DNS Nathan Chamberlain Male Claim
DNS Trevor Chilman Male In-Gear Claim
DNS Ian Bashford Male Old Portlians CC Claim
DNS Mark Newton Male Claim
DNS George Moore Male Claim
DNS Alan Lloyd Male Lewes Wanderers CC Claim
DNS Jonny Bradbourne Male Senior Redhill CC
DNS Michael Leonard Male Brighton Mitre CC Claim
DNS Duncan Fuller Male Lewes Wanderers CC Claim
DNS Richard Allan Male Claim
DNS Mark McLaughlin Male Claim
DNS Steve Humphrey Male South Eastern RC Claim
DNS Susannah Clark Male Claim
DNS Claire Leonard Male Brighton Mitre CC Claim
DNS Sarah Archdeacon Male De Laune CC Claim
DNS Francesca Wright Male Claim
DNS Derek Dowden Male Claim
DNS Natasha Fuller Male Lewes Wanderers CC Claim
DNS Mario Manelfi Male Claim
DNS Matt Bubear Male Claim