Merlin Cycles Classic Series (1 of 6)(…a3crg)(Road Bikes only)

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  • Date: 26-Mar-23
  • Time: 09:00
  • Distance: 22.5 Miles
  • Course: P877
  • Closing Date: 14-Mar-23 23:59
  • Categories:
    • All Youth
    • All Junior
    • All Espoir
    • All Senior
    • All Veteran
    • All Para


Position Machine Img First Name Last Name Classification Category Club Time Avg. Speed
1 Road Bike Louisa Cooper female Vet Poole Wheelers Cycling Club 1:08:34 19.689 Mph
1 Road Bike Simon McNamara male Vet Sigma Sports | Cannondale RT 00:55:23 24.376 Mph
1 Road Bike Jack Sutton male Junior Stonham Barns Park – SYRT 1:02:42 21.531 Mph
4 Road Bike Chris Booth male Senior 00:56:25 23.929 Mph
4 Road Bike Jamie Bretton male Espoir Stonham Barns Park – SYRT 1:08:19 19.761 Mph
4 Road Bike Gemma Herbertson female Vet Elevate RT 1:30:46 14.873 Mph
7 Road Bike Karl Norris male Vet 360VRT 00:58:24 23.116 Mph
7 Road Bike Sophie Heighton female Junior Ferryhill Whs 1:14:39 18.084 Mph
9 Road Bike Adam Page male Vet Paceline RT 00:59:46 22.588 Mph
9 Road Bike Neil Mackley male Vet ...a3crg 00:59:46 22.588 Mph
11 Road Bike Robin Kirk male Vet Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere 1:00:01 22.494 Mph
12 Road Bike Sam Orbell male Vet Farnham RC 1:00:56 22.155 Mph
13 Road Bike Michael Burke male Senior VéloElite RC 1:02:05 21.745 Mph
14 Road Bike Mark Lisk male Vet 3C Cycle Club 1:03:48 21.16 Mph
15 Road Bike Keith Dorling male Vet Team Bottrill 1:04:41 20.871 Mph
16 Road Bike Malcolm Cox male Vet Velo Club St Raphael 1:05:49 20.512 Mph
17 Road Bike Joshua Lahiri male Senior Portsdown Hill CC 1:06:29 20.306 Mph
18 Road Bike Stephen Skinner male Vet Velo Club St Raphael 1:09:25 19.448 Mph
19 Road Bike Ian Sherin male Vet 3C Cycle Club 1:09:53 19.318 Mph
20 Road Bike Christopher Brooks male Vet Worthing Excelsior CC 1:10:11 19.235 Mph
21 Road Bike Rob Wild male Vet Velo Club Long Eaton 1:10:44 19.086 Mph
22 Road Bike Kevin Cornish male Vet Southdown Velo 1:12:15 18.685 Mph
23 Road Bike Vernon Schutte male Vet Farnborough & Camberley CC 1:17:09 17.498 Mph
24 Road Bike Howard Heighton male Vet Ferryhill Whs 1:23:58 16.078 Mph
25 Road Bike Martin Balk male Vet 3C Cycle Club 1:36:46 13.951 Mph
DNS(A) Road Bike Laurence Brown male Senior Chichester City Riders
DNS(A) Road Bike Thomas Willan male Elevate RT Claim
DNS(A) Road Bike Dave Dent male Vet GS Stella
DNS(A) Road Bike Richard Cartland male Vet
DNS(A) Road Bike Mike Garner male Vet ...a3crg
DNS(A) Road Bike Richard Holt male Vet Fareham Wheelers CC
DNS Road Bike Sam Dorkings male Senior Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
DNS Road Bike Matthew Buckley male Senior Velo Club St Raphael
DNS Road Bike Darren Anderson male Vet Fareham Wheelers CC
DNS Road Bike Edith Smith female Junior Stonham Barns Park – SYRT
DNS Road Bike Jonny Allen male Senior 6AM Cycling