RTTC National 24 hour Championship (Mersey Roads)(Entries close 27/06/23) (Including the VTTA National Championship)

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  • Date: 22-Jul-23
  • Time: 13:00
  • Distance: 0
  • Course: D24HR
  • Closing Date: 27-Jun-23 23:59
  • Categories:
    • All Youth
    • All Junior
    • All Espoir
    • All Senior
    • All Veteran
    • All Para

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If you have a map of this course, please email courses@cyclingtimetrials.org.uk


Position Machine Img First Name Last Name Classification Category Club Distance Std± Avg. Speed
1 TT Bike Chris Murray female Vet Army Cycling 465.38 Miles 19.391 Mph
1 TT Bike Robbie Mitchell male Vet Auchencrow Thistle CC 519.37 Miles 21.64 Mph
3 TT Bike Mark Turnbull male Vet TORQ Performance 511.12 Miles 21.297 Mph
3 TT Bike Joanna Cebrat female Vet 360cycling 419.23 Miles 17.468 Mph
5 Road Bike Amy Hudson female Senior Velo Bavarian 394.25 Miles 16.427 Mph
5 TT Bike Timothy Welsh male Senior Cambridge CC 501.54 Miles 20.898 Mph
7 TT Bike Hollie Labunsky female Senior Port Talbot Whs CC 365.16 Miles 15.215 Mph
7 TT Bike Michael Hutchinson male Vet Arctic Aircon RT 486.64 Miles 20.277 Mph
9 TT Bike Carolyn Chambers female Senior North Argyll CC 295.69 Miles 12.32 Mph
9 TT Bike Christian Geldard male Vet North Hampshire RC 478.69 Miles 19.945 Mph
11 TT Bike Corinna O'Connor female Vet Audax UK 293.77 Miles 12.24 Mph
12 TT Bike Joe Gorman male Senior Arctic Aircon RT 463.48 Miles 19.312 Mph
12 Road Bike Sue Satchithananda female Vet Crewe Clarion Wheelers 284.28 Miles 11.845 Mph
14 Tricycle Rose Price female Espoir Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 270.20 Miles 11.258 Mph
14 TT Bike Doug Hart male Vet Ilkley CC 462.91 Miles 19.288 Mph
16 TT Bike Greg Elwell male Vet VTTA (Yorkshire) 459.99 Miles 19.166 Mph
17 TT Bike Chris Hopkinson male Vet API/Anglia Sport 454.94 Miles 18.956 Mph
18 TT Bike Gareth Jones male Vet Clevedon & District Road Club 442.57 Miles 18.44 Mph
19 TT Bike Neil Lauder male Vet Arctic Aircon RT 437.01 Miles 18.209 Mph
20 TT Bike Andrew Askwith male Vet Vive Le Velo 429.69 Miles 17.904 Mph
21 TT Bike Adam Rogers male Vet Eastbourne Rovers CC 418.55 Miles 17.44 Mph
22 TT Bike Robert Tomlinson male Vet Sotonia CC 404.34 Miles 16.848 Mph
23 TT Bike Jonathan Pontin male Senior Addiscombe CC 396.11 Miles 16.505 Mph
24 TT Bike Nigel Briggs male Vet South Pennine RC 386.83 Miles 16.118 Mph
25 TT Bike Shaun Hargreaves male Vet Audax UK 386.61 Miles 16.109 Mph
26 TT Bike Ian Ryall male Vet Audax UK 385.20 Miles 16.05 Mph
27 TT Bike Angus Swanson male Vet Stirling Bike Club 370.62 Miles 15.443 Mph
28 TT Bike Ben Cox male Senior Fibrax Wrexham RC 356.63 Miles 14.859 Mph
29 TT Bike Roger Squire male Vet Fibrax Wrexham RC 347.16 Miles 14.465 Mph
30 TT Bike Lawrence Webster male Vet Aberdeen Wheelers 336.47 Miles 14.02 Mph
31 Road Bike James Rees male Vet SKCC 333.87 Miles 13.911 Mph
32 TT Bike Philip Jones male Vet Peterborough CC 329.15 Miles 13.715 Mph
33 TT Bike Jez Willows male Vet Sherwood CC 325.84 Miles 13.577 Mph
34 TT Bike Geraint Catherall male Vet Anfield BC 303.38 Miles 12.641 Mph
35 TT Bike Joseph North male Senior Audax UK 269.81 Miles 11.242 Mph
36 Road Bike Hugh Culverhouse male Unknown Weybridge Wheelers 262.31 Miles 10.93 Mph
37 TT Bike Rob Rix male Vet Southport CC 249.55 Miles 10.398 Mph
38 Road Bike Charles Kitson male Vet Banbury Star Cyclists' Club 236.78 Miles 9.866 Mph
DNF TT Bike Matt Seward male Senior Thanet RC
DNF Road Bike Philip Wade male Senior North Lancashire Road Club
DNF TT Bike David Greenwood male Vet Rye & District Wheelers CC
DNF TT Bike Ben Goodwin male Senior Fibrax Wrexham RC
DNF TT Bike Mark Leadbetter male Vet Flying Kippers
DNF Road Bike Brian Hygate male Vet Fareham Wheelers CC
DNF TT Bike Alec Dovinson male Senior Mansfield Road Club
DNF TT Bike Lee Williams male Senior FTP ( Fulfil The Potential ) Race Team
DNF TT Bike Sean Sanders male Vet Drighlington BC
DNF Road Bike Pete Bishop male Vet Exeter Whs CC
DNF TT Bike Jez Shotter male Vet Brighton Excelsior CC
DNF TT Bike Adrian Lee male Vet Reading CC
DNS(A) TT Bike Bradley Woodruffe male Senior Ribble Cycles
DNS(A) TT Bike Paul Molyneux male Vet Welland Valley CC
DNS(A) TT Bike Bob Richards male Vet Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
DNS(A) Road Bike Ray Retter male Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles Claim
DNS(A) TT Bike SEáN O'Shah male Vet Audax UK
DNS TT Bike Leon Marshall male Vet Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
DNS Road Bike Dominic Smith male Vet QN Racing
DNS TT Bike Richard Walker male Vet VTTA (North Midlands)
DNS TT Bike John Hassall male Vet Bossard Whs
DNS TT Bike Stuart Edwards male Vet Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA