Lancashire Road Club

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  • Date: 30-Jul-23
  • Time: 09:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: L2533
  • Closing Date: 18-Jul-23 23:59
  • Categories:
    • All Youth
    • All Junior
    • All Espoir
    • All Senior
    • All Veteran
    • All Para

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Position Machine Img First Name Last Name Classification Category Club Time Avg. Speed
1 TT Bike Bryn Lawrence male Junior Anexo Group Race Team 00:57:31 26.079 Mph
2 TT Bike James Holloway male Senior Ribble Collective 00:58:21 25.707 Mph
3 TT Bike Matt Morris male Senior Wigan Whs CC 00:58:37 25.59 Mph
4 TT Bike Caitlin Conyers female Senior Rugby Racing Cycling Club 00:59:20 25.281 Mph
5 TT Bike Matt Stell male Vet Springfield Financial Racing Team 1:00:59 24.597 Mph
6 TT Bike Paul David Fleming male Vet Preston Whs 1:01:16 24.483 Mph
7 TT Bike Paul Shallicker male Vet RT - Fitted and Tailored Car Covers 1:01:40 24.324 Mph
8 TT Bike Paul Taylor male Vet North Lancashire Road Club 1:01:53 24.239 Mph
9 TT Bike Ben Dobson male Senior Lancashire RC 1:04:36 23.22 Mph
10 TT Bike Paul Russell male Vet Springfield Financial Racing Team 1:06:29 22.562 Mph
11 TT Bike Mark Donnelly male Vet Birkenhead North End CC 1:07:06 22.355 Mph
12 TT Bike Richard Tyson male Vet Rock to Roll CC 1:07:52 22.102 Mph
13 TT Bike Ted Platt male Vet North Lancashire Road Club 1:08:50 21.792 Mph
14 TT Bike Derek Schofield male Vet Rossendale RC 1:10:30 21.277 Mph
15 TT Bike Martin Kerry male Vet Lancashire RC 1:11:50 20.882 Mph
16 TT Bike Peter Rowe male Vet Kent Valley RC 1:16:08 19.702 Mph
17 Road Bike James Bentley male Vet Lancashire RC 1:16:11 19.689 Mph
DNS(A) Road Bike Danny Halpin male Vet Bristol CX
DNS(A) TT Bike Erica Booth female Vet Lancashire RC
DNS(A) TT Bike Kenny Mitchell male Vet East Lancashire RC
DNS(A) Tricycle Brian Moore male Vet The Tricycle Association - North Western Region
DNS TT Bike Mark Parsons male Vet Team ASL-Bolton