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  • Date: 14-Aug-22
  • Time: 06:00
  • Distance: 0
  • Course: D12/1
  • Closing Date: 02-Aug-22 23:59
  • Categories:
    • All Youth
    • All Junior
    • All Espoir
    • All Senior
    • All Veteran
    • All Para

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Position Machine Img First Name Last Name Classification Category Club Distance Avg. Speed
1 TT Bike Adam Taylor male Senior Wigan Whs CC 270.64 Miles 22.553 Mph
2 TT Bike Christopher Riley male Vet Paramount CRT 253.39 Miles 21.116 Mph
3 TT Bike Richard Gadsden male Senior Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club 252.75 Miles 21.063 Mph
4 TT Bike Paul Russell male Vet Springfield Financial Racing Team 237.67 Miles 19.806 Mph
5 TT Bike Jamie Pleavin male Vet Liverpool Century RC 231.04 Miles 19.253 Mph
6 TT Bike Michael John Loughran male Vet Liverpool Century RC 227.66 Miles 18.972 Mph
7 TT Bike Arthur Winstanley male Vet Liverpool Phoenix CC (Aintree) 225.27 Miles 18.773 Mph
8 TT Bike Hannah Fawcett female Vet Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club 224.69 Miles 18.724 Mph
9 TT Bike Andrew Rawling male Vet Westmead Team 88 219.43 Miles 18.286 Mph
10 TT Bike Roger Squire male Vet Fibrax Wrexham RC 216.18 Miles 18.015 Mph
10 TT Bike Jonathan Morgan male Vet North Shropshire Wheelers 178.85 Miles 14.904 Mph
12 TT Bike Paul Modern male Vet Chester RC 206.44 Miles 17.203 Mph
13 TT Bike Ian Casson male Vet Birkenhead Victoria CC 200.87 Miles 16.739 Mph
14 TT Bike Michelle Fairclough female Vet Salford Cycling Club 193.64 Miles 16.137 Mph
15 TT Bike Geraint Catherall male Vet Anfield BC 185.42 Miles 15.452 Mph
16 TT Bike Paul Revell male Vet Barrow Central Wheelers 181.22 Miles 15.102 Mph
DNF TT Bike Brian Fogarty male Senior Fogartys Insurance Tri Team
DNF TT Bike Colin Hayes male Vet Liverpool Century RC
DNS(A) TT Bike Robert McGregor male Senior Paramount CRT
DNS(A) TT Bike Tracy Gregory female Vet Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles
DNS(A) TT Bike Mike Skidmore male Senior Cheltenham & County Cycling Club
DNS(A) TT Bike Andy Gray male Vet Congleton CC