RTTC National Road Bike Championship / Time Trial Centenary Event (Men)(Central District)(Road Bikes Only)(entries close 22/02/22)

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  • Date: 20-Mar-22
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: A25/34
  • Closing Date: 22-Feb-22 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Open Espoir
    • Open Senior
    • Open Veteran
    • Open Para


Position Machine Img First Name Last Name Classification Category Club Time Avg. Speed
1 Road Bike Phil Williams male Senior Team Bottrill 00:52:34 28.535 Mph
2 Road Bike Alex Pritchard male Senior WattShop 00:53:31 28.029 Mph
3 Road Bike Ian Hope male Vet Team Solo Vinci 00:53:36 27.985 Mph
4 Road Bike John Wingfield male Senior Team HUUB 00:54:14 27.658 Mph
5 Road Bike Piers Curle male Vet Onyx RT 00:54:49 27.364 Mph
6 Road Bike Gerard Henry male Senior University of Warwick 00:55:31 27.019 Mph
7 Road Bike George Spooner male Senior Cambridge University CC 00:55:50 26.866 Mph
8 Road Bike Will Lowden male Espoir CC Sudbury 00:55:54 26.834 Mph
9 Road Bike Mason Durant male Senior Paramount CRT 00:56:49 26.401 Mph
10 Road Bike Steven Filder male Senior Velo6 Racing 00:57:03 26.293 Mph
11 Road Bike Andy Cunningham male Senior Ilkley CC 00:57:21 26.155 Mph
11 Road Bike Ian Holbrook male Vet Stone Wheelers CC 00:57:21 26.155 Mph
13 Road Bike Steve Biddulph male Vet Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles 00:57:33 26.064 Mph
14 Road Bike Steve Gibson male Vet Peak Road Club 00:57:35 26.049 Mph
15 Road Bike Bevan Jones male Senior 53eleven 00:57:52 25.922 Mph
16 Road Bike Harry Fisher male Senior OVB 00:57:54 25.907 Mph
17 Road Bike Matthew Uttley male Vet Nottingham Clarion CC 00:58:00 25.862 Mph
17 Road Bike Tristan Pilling male Senior University of Derby Cycling Club 00:58:00 25.862 Mph
19 Road Bike Adam Swan male Senior CC Ashwell 00:58:02 25.847 Mph
20 Road Bike Jonathan Smith male Vet Onyx RT 00:58:08 25.803 Mph
21 Road Bike Gavin Lancaster male Vet Ride 24/7 00:58:15 25.751 Mph
22 Road Bike Malcolm Smith male Vet Peterborough CC 00:58:43 25.546 Mph
23 Road Bike Simon Bowler male Vet AS Test Team 00:59:01 25.417 Mph
24 Road Bike Nick Giles male Vet Pocomotion Road Club 00:59:11 25.345 Mph
25 Road Bike Damon Payne male Vet Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 00:59:40 25.14 Mph
26 Road Bike Ben Leach male Vet Onyx RT 00:59:52 25.056 Mph
27 Road Bike Neil Mackley male Vet ...a3crg 1:00:09 24.938 Mph
28 Road Bike Ross Howcroft-Jones male Senior Rapha Cycling Club 1:00:10 24.931 Mph
29 Road Bike Luke Halls male Espoir University of Nottingham C C 1:00:13 24.91 Mph
30 Road Bike Malcolm Horner male Vet Warrington Road Club/Horton Light Engineering 1:00:45 24.691 Mph
31 Road Bike Phil Land male Vet Velo6 Racing 1:01:25 24.423 Mph
32 Road Bike Robert Gibson male Vet Amicus 13 1:01:38 24.337 Mph
33 Road Bike Michael Costello male Vet Race Hub 1:01:46 24.285 Mph
34 Road Bike Adam White male Senior University of Nottingham C C 1:01:47 24.278 Mph
35 Road Bike James Byatt male Senior Ilkeston Cycle Club 1:02:01 24.187 Mph
36 Road Bike Steve Chipping male Vet Shutt Velo Test Team 1:02:25 24.032 Mph
37 Road Bike Nicos Antippa male Senior University of Nottingham C C 1:03:29 23.628 Mph
38 Road Bike Barnabas Pickford male Senior University of Nottingham C C 1:03:51 23.493 Mph
39 Road Bike Thomas Hutchison male Espoir University of Nottingham C C 1:04:01 23.431 Mph
40 Road Bike Andrew Walsh male Vet Audax UK 1:04:45 23.166 Mph
41 Road Bike Michael Page male Senior Epsom CC 1:04:50 23.136 Mph
42 Road Bike Mick Stevens male Vet Melton Olympic CC 1:04:59 23.083 Mph
43 Road Bike Jez Willows male Vet Sherwood CC 1:05:58 22.739 Mph
44 Road Bike Laurence Warren-Westgate male Senior RAMcc 1:06:11 22.664 Mph
45 Road Bike Alexander Berman male Senior University of Nottingham C C 1:06:43 22.483 Mph
46 Road Bike Drew Donaldson male Vet Glasgow United CC 1:09:32 21.572 Mph
47 Road Bike Howard Heighton male Vet Ferryhill Whs 1:10:25 21.302 Mph
48 Road Bike Kevin Humphreys male Vet Sherwood CC 1:11:21 21.023 Mph
49 Road Bike Glen Daley male Vet Velo Club Long Eaton 1:13:46 20.334 Mph
50 Road Bike Mervyn Sperry male Vet Coalville Whs 1:15:33 19.854 Mph
51 Road Bike David Barry male Vet sportfagley 1:27:38 17.117 Mph
52 Road Bike John J Murphy male Vet Gloucester City Cycling Club 1:29:11 16.819 Mph
DNF Road Bike Mark Rowbottom male Vet Chesterfield Coureurs CC
DNF Road Bike Andrew Clarke male North Shropshire Wheelers Claim
DNS(A) Road Bike Alex Warburton male Senior Velo Schils Interbike RT
DNS(A) Road Bike Richard Todd male Vet LC_CC
DNS(A) Road Bike James Muir male Vet Onyx RT
DNS(A) Road Bike Jordan Peacock male Senior Spirit BSS
DNS(A) Road Bike Paul Renshaw male Vet Cowley Road Condors CC
DNS(A) Road Bike Mike Ayers male Vet Velo Club Flintham
DNS(A) Road Bike Philip Wilkinson male Vet Rockingham Forest Wheelers
DNS(A) Road Bike Steven Robinson male Vet 1485 Tri Club
DNS(A) Road Bike Cameron Leslie male Senior Royal Air Force Cycling Association
DNS(A) Road Bike Ole Henrik Bang-Andreasen male Senior Onyx RT
DNS(A) Road Bike Gary Kondor male Vet Sherwood CC
DNS(A) Road Bike Yanto Barker male Vet LC_CC
DNS Road Bike Keith Dorling male Vet Team Bottrill
DNS Road Bike Scott Leeson male Senior Onyx RT
DNS Road Bike Oscar Smith male Senior Peterborough CC
DNS Road Bike Karl Moseley male Vet Bridgnorth Cycling Club
DNS Road Bike Jack Lilley male Senior Derby Triathlon Club
DNS Road Bike Michael Kirkland male Vet RAMcc
DNS Road Bike Ian Russell male Vet Moda Racing Team
DNS Road Bike Will Salisbury male Senior Coalville Whs