City RC (Hull) (Women & Juniors)(3 Events Max 150 Machines)(Entries Close 10/03/18)(POSTAL ENTRIES ONLY)(Cheques to G Backshall)

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  • Date: 30-Mar-18
  • Time: 09:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: V718
  • Closing Date: 10-Mar-18 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Female Youth
    • Female Junior
    • Female Espoir
    • Female Senior
    • Female Veteran
    • Female Para

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Position Machine Img First Name Last Name Classification Category Club Time Avg. Speed
1 TT Bike Cavan Walker male 00:22:01 27.252 Mph
2 TT Bike Adam Jarps male 00:22:07 27.129 Mph
3 TT Bike Harry Buxton male 00:22:49 26.297 Mph
4 TT Bike Karen Ledger male 00:23:56 25.07 Mph
5 TT Bike Fiona Sharp male 00:24:24 24.59 Mph
6 TT Bike Kirsty Bramley male 00:24:51 24.145 Mph
7 TT Bike Debbie Bradley male 00:25:59 23.092 Mph
8 TT Bike Hannah Bayes male 00:26:28 22.67 Mph
9 TT Bike Becky Penty male 00:27:00 22.222 Mph
10 TT Bike Lynn Hanson male 00:27:17 21.991 Mph
11 TT Bike Karen Brooks male 00:27:37 21.726 Mph
12 TT Bike Claire Jessop male 00:28:19 21.189 Mph
13 TT Bike Sharon Clifford male 00:28:29 21.065 Mph
14 TT Bike Susan Sanders male 00:28:46 20.857 Mph
15 TT Bike Nicola Heaton male 00:30:20 19.78 Mph
16 TT Bike Helen Hudson male 00:31:36 18.987 Mph
DNS(A) TT Bike Michelle Morley male
DNS(A) TT Bike Vicky Gill male
DNS(A) TT Bike Maria Mulleady male
DNS(A) TT Bike Charlotte Boothman male
DNS(A) TT Bike Kirsty McSeveney male
DNS(A) TT Bike Tina Reid male
DNS(A) TT Bike Christine Johnson male
DNS(A) TT Bike Jill Morris male
DNS(A) TT Bike Zoe Whiteside male
DNS(A) TT Bike Helen Bailey male
DNS(A) TT Bike Alice Lethbridge male
DNS(A) TT Bike Deborah Sheridan male
DNS TT Bike William Manfield-Yorke male
DNS TT Bike Clare Smith male
DNS TT Bike Helen Frater male
DNS TT Bike Ieuan Woods male
DNS TT Bike Louisa Cooper male