Coalville Wheelers CC

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  • Date: 24-Feb-24
  • Time: 14:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: A10/34
  • Closing Date: 13-Feb-24 23:59
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Righini-Brand and Kelly earn success at Coalville Wheelers 10

  • Published: 25 Feb 24
  • Written By: Snowdon Sports
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Dominic Righini-Brand

Dominic Righini-Brand marked his first event for new club Spalding CC with a dramatic one-second victory at the Coalville Wheelers 10-mile time trial in Osgathorpe, Leicestershire on Saturday, while the women’s win was claimed by Olivia Kelly and fastest on a road bike was Adam Gascoigne.

A time of 23-03 helped Righini-Brand to see off the challenge of Gascoigne (Race Hub) who was a single second back in 23-04 and also finished as fastest road bike while third place went to Cian Leveridge (Team PB Performance) in 23-22.

The women’s event saw Kelly clock 25-45 for Loughborough Students CC on a road bike to top the standings, while Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club rider Peggy Simpkins took second place in 26-27 as fastest time trial bike, and a time of 27-01 helping Evgeniya Righini-Brand (Spalding CC) to the final place on the podium.

Righini-Brand attributed his success on opening weekend to a rigorous winter training regime and said: “I really enjoyed this time trial because of its hilly course and the fantastic organisation from the Coalville Wheelers, who did an absolutely top job.

“This was also my first time trial for my new club, Spalding CC, so it’s a very special day.

Course Marshals!

“It has been a long and hard winters training, but I’m now looking forwards to the season ahead and will be focusing on several sportier courses as well as usual club leagues and dual carriageway events.”

On his new club, Righini-Brand said: “I’ve really enjoyed it, they have been a welcoming and friendly bunch. And they’ve got a good time trial league to focus on. It has given me new objectives to aim for this season.”

This 10-mile event, run on the A10/34 course, begins north of Griffydam and sees riders head north past Cloud Hill Quarry and over the Tonge Interchange on the A543 before turning southwest bound at Moor Lane and continue past Breedon on the Hill along Nottingham Road until curving eastwards at Lount before turning northbound at the junction between Melbourne Road and Rempstone Road to reach the final leg to finish just past Osgathorpe.

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Adam Gascoigne



1. Dominic Righini Brand (TT Bike) Spalding CC    23:03

2. Adam Gascoigne (Road Bike) Race Hub   23:04

3. Cian Leveridge (TT Bike) Team PB Performance  23:22

4. Martin Fisher (TT Bike) Melton Olympic CC       23:30

5. Isaac Russell (TT Bike) Team PB Performance     23:35

6. Anthony Baritsch (Road Bike) Loughborough Students CC         23:46

7. Graham Waller (TT Bike) PDQ Cycle Coaching   23:50

8. Richard Golding (TT Bike) Equipe Velo    24:00

9. David Alexander TT Bike) Coalville Wheelers      24:19

10. Tim Hood (Road Bike) Team Bottrill       24:25

Olivia Kelly


1. Olivia Kelly (Road Bike) Loughborough Students CC     25:45

2. Peggy Simpkins (Time Trial) Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club            26:27

3. Evgeniya Righini Brand (TT Bike) Spalding CC  27:01

4. Lilja Raine (Road Bike) Loughborough Students CC       27:36

5. Andrea Winkless (Road Bike) Coalville Wheelers 27:43

6. Hayley Moore (Time Trial) Ilkeston CC    28:39

7. Joanne Matthews (Road Bike) Coalville Wheelers            29:26

8. Pamela Moore (Time Trial) Coalville Wheelers     31:02

9. Sarah Dye (Road Bike) Velo Bavarian       30:12

10. Trish McPherson (Time Trial) Coalville Wheelers           31:15