Sussex CA (TT bikes)

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  • Date: 07-May-23
  • Time: 07:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: G25/93
  • Closing Date: 27-Apr-23 23:59
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Critchlow and O'Toole battle to victories at Sussex CA 25

  • Published: 07 May 23
  • Written By: Snowdon Sports
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Emma O'Toole

Andy Critchlow (Paceline RT) set a new course record on his way to winning the Sussex CA 25, while Emma O'Toole (DHC (Districts of Hamwic Cyclesport) won the women’s event in West Sussex.

Critchlow, aged 49, posted a winning time of 49 minutes and 30 seconds – a single second quicker than the previous course record held by Michael Hutchinson (49-31).

The win was the veteran’s second of the weekend after also taking victory in the Sussex CA 10 the previous day – which incorporated the final leg of the 25-mile course.

The G25/93 saw competitors start near Steyning before completing an opening 16-mile loop up to West Grinstead before heading on an out and back leg towards Shoreham-by-Sea before finishing back to Steyning.

Wind conditions were ideal, but competitors faced a damp road surface due to rain the previous day.

Critchlow also won the Farnborough & Camberley CC 25 last month and showed his form to take a third open victory of the season.

“I really targeted this weekend as those two events are really popular and have strong fields from the local time trialling community,” said Critchlow.

“I wanted to do some good rides, I was really pleased and this exceeded my expectations. I’ve put in an awful lot of training over the winter, with 5am starts to get some training in before work. So I’m really pleased to see that pay off.

“I was really happy to back it up over two days here and I was determined to win them both. I was really pleased to take the course record. I think there are only two people who have gone under 50 minutes on that course. I’m really pleased to beat Michael Hutchinson’s record which has lasted since 2013.

“That course isn’t a dual-carriageway course, the start for the first six miles is on quite a twisty road which goes through villages and a lot of up and down.

“This is the first time I’ve ridden that whole course in the time trial position. Previously last year on all the descent I’d back off and be on the base bar. You’re just scrubbing off time doing that and it aggregates. I couldn’t have ridden that any quicker today, I put my best performance out.”

The fight for second saw Howard Shaw (trainSharp) post a time of 52-27 which was 15 seconds quicker than Cris Coxon (Brighton Mitre CC) in 52-42.

In the women’s event O'Toole, aged 30, posted a winning time of 1-03-34 which was over six minutes clear of her nearest rival.

O'Toole, from Totton, also won the Bournemouth Arrow CC 10 last month and was again quickest on this occasion.

Francine Davis (East Grinstead CC) finished second this time out in 1-10-16, while Anita Turner (Eastbourne Rovers CC) was third (1-13-14).

The only ride bike starters were in the women’s event with Anna Roe (East Grinstead CC) going quickest in 1-14-07 ahead of Angela Dyson (East Grinstead CC) who stopped the clock in 1-22-43.

“I had a mechanical one mile in when my chain dropped off my bike, so that made it an eventful start,” said O'Toole.

“I had to stop and put my chain back on, but after that it was good and I felt strong out there. It’s not my quickest 25, but it was on a somewhat hillier course. I’m excited for what the season has to hold really.”

Team TMC won the men’s team award with a trio of Matthew Smith, Nik Allen and Martin Gibbs all combining to make a time of 2-45-16.

Meanwhile, the women’s team event was won by East Grinstead CC with their team consisting of Davies, Catherine Vollmer and Domie Pollard.

The quickest veteran on target time was 70-year-old Chris Lord (Brighton Excelsior CC) who finished 12th overall in 56-44 with his time making +21.07.

The fastest woman veteran on target time was third placed overall Eastbourne Rovers CC rider Turner with -0.53.

The event also incorporated the Sussex 25 miles Championship for affiliated riders. The men’s prize was won by second placed over rider Shaw while women’s runner-up Davies won the women’s award.

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1 Andrew Critchlow (Paceline RT) 49.30
2 Howard Shaw (trainSharp) 52.27
3 Cris Coxon (Brighton Mitre CC) 52.42
4 Matthew Smith (Team TMC) 53.20
5 Howard Bayley (Blazing Saddles) 53.25
6 Pat Wright (Paceline RT) 53.43

1 Emma O'Toole (DHC (Districts of Hamwic Cyclesport) 1:03.34
2 Francine Davis (East Grinstead CC) 1:10.16
3 Anita Turner (Eastbourne Rovers CC) 1:13.14
4 Anna Roe (East Grinstead CC) 1:14.07
5 Catherine Vollmer (East Grinstead CC) 1:14.58
6 Angela Dyson (East Grinstead CC) 1:22.43