Tornado Road Cycling Club (Sporting 10)(TT Bikes)(STTS)

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  • Date: 15-Mar-20
  • Time: 09:00
  • Distance: 10 Miles
  • Course: P164
  • Closing Date: 03-Mar-20 23:59
  • Categories:
    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
    • Senior
    • Veteran
    • Para

Faber and Jones victorious in Tornado RCC time trial 10

  • Published: 16 Mar 20
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Paul Jones

Faye Faber ( and Paul Jones (Primera-TeamJobs) were fastest female and male riders in the time trial category as Tornado RCC staged a sporting 10-mile event in Hampshire on Sunday.

And in the accompanying road bike event Stephen Swindley (RNRMCA) was fastest, with Katie West (Salisbury Road & Mountain CC) being fastest female on a road bike.

Faber covered the P164 course near Lyndhurst in 24-05 to win the female time trial prize by two and a half minutes from Kirsty McSeveney (a3crg), with Louisa Cooper (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) third, another 20 seconds back.

Jones clocked an impressive 22-37 to win overall by just four seconds from Aron Kelly (New Forest CC), while Bryce Dyer (AeroCoach) was third with 22-55.

17-year-old Anna Wadsworth (PH Mas Cycling) was first junior on a time trial bike with 27-38, while the fastest tandem trike was ridden by Sotonia CC duo Norman Harvey and Mary Corbett. 87 and 62 years old respectively, they clocked 34-45!

26-year-old Swindley clocked 22-45 to win the road bike prize by around a minute and a half from Aaron Cooper (Fareham Wheelers, with Alex Ballinger (Farnborough & Camberley CC) being another 21 seconds back in third.

The team prize was won by Salisbury Road and Mountain CC, with David West clocking 26-24 for sixth overall, Tony Hamilton taking ninth with 27-11 and Katie West completing the trio and being first female too.

Her time of 28-51 was just nine seconds quicker than second-placed female Sien Van Der Plank (Univ of Southampton RC).

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Time Trial bikes:

1     Paul Jones  Primera - Teamjobs     Mv    22:37

2     Aron Kelly  New Forest Cc    Ms    22:41

3     Bryce Dyer  Aerocoach   Mv    22:55

4     James Fox   Velo Club Venta  Ms    23:07

5     Brendan Reese    Army Cycling     Mv    23:13

6     Andrew Rivett    Velo Club St Raphael   Mv    23:15

7     Nigel Pratt Velo Club St Raphael   Mv    23:16

8     Shawn Gray  Gillingham & District Wheelers     Mv    23:29

9     Craig Haslam     Velo Club St Raphael   Mv    23:34

10    Antonio Maschio  Sotonia Cc  Mv    23:57

11    Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs      Ms    23:58

12    Faye Faber  Cyclecoach.Com   Fs    24:05

13    Darren Lyons     Velo Club Venta  Ms    24:07

14    Liam Kemp   University Of Southampton Rc M Espoir    25:14

15    Samuel Wood University Of Southampton Rc M Espoir    25:32

16    Barry Hards New Forest Cc    Mv    26:08

17    Hugh Madeley     London Dynamo    M Espoir    26:21

18    Stuart Peckham   Velo Club St Raphael   Mv    26:23

=19   Martin Beale     Velo Club St Raphael   Mv    26:35

=19   Kirsty Mcseveney ?A3crg      Fs    26:35

21    Louisa Cooper    Bournemouth Jubilee Whs      Fs    26:55

22    Henry Salmon     University Of Southampton Rc Ms    27:16

23    Richard Smith    Velo Club Venta  Mv    27:20

24    Anna Wadsworth   Ph-Mas Cycling   Fj    27:38

25    James Chant Gillingham & District Wheelers     Mv    27:38

26    Mike Boyce  A3crg Mv    27:56

27    Owen Tudor  Royal Navy & Royal Marines Ca      Ms    28:10

28    Kym Harvey  Fareham Wheelers Cc    Fv    29:05

29    Michael Round    Bournemouth Jubilee Whs      Mv    31:13

      James Cooper     Sotonia Cc  Ms   

      Robert Jolliffe  New Forest Cc    Mv   

      William Simmons  Christchurch Bicycle Club    Mv   

      Tom Kelly   Poole Wheelers   Mv   

      Lizzy Stocker    Bournemouth Jubilee Whs      Fs   

      Rachel Hackman   Royal Navy & Royal Marines Ca      Fv   

      Stuart Thompson  Velo Club St Raphael   Mv   

      Ian Hatch   Sotonia Cc  Mv   

      Liam Somerville  Bike Jockey Cc   Ms   

      Mark Valentine   Poole Wheelers   Mv   

      Phil Brown  Trainsharp  Mv   

      Darren Orchard   Wessex Road Club Mv   

      Matthew Buckley  Velo Club St Raphael   Ms   


Road Bikes:

1     Stephen Swindley Royal Navy & Royal Marines Ca      Ms    22:45

2     Aaron Cooper     Fareham Wheelers Cc    Ms    24:13

3     Alexander Ballinger    Farnborough & Camberley Cc   Ms    24:34

4     Steven Foster    Sussex Revolution Velo Club  Mv    25:00

5     Colin Mooney     Portsdown Hill Cc Mv    25:46

6     David West  Salisbury Road & Mountain Cc Mv    26:24

7     Ben Gibbs   Velo Club Venta  Mv    26:31

8     Thomas Piloni    Poole Wheelers   Ms    26:52

9     Tony Hamilton    Salisbury Road & Mountain Cc Mv    27:11

10    Drew Hosie  ?A3crg      Mv    27:15

11    Tom Bandy   Portsdown Hill Cc Ms    27:20

12    Tony Ballinger   Honiton Spinners Mv    27:43

13    Ian Turner  Tornado Rcc Mv    28:07

14    Mike Anderson    Club Cyclist Moncontourais   Mv    28:20

15    Richard Wyeth    Tornado Rcc Mv    28:30

16    Stephen Skinner  Velo Club St Raphael   Mv    28:33

17    Katie West  Salisbury Road & Mountain Cc Fv    28:51

18    Sien Van Der Plank     University Of Southampton Rc Fs    29:00

19    Lucy Mitchell    ?A3crg      Fv    29:27

20    Katy Parsons     Salisbury Road & Mountain Cc Fv    29:32

21    Vernon Schutte   Farnborough & Camberley Cc   Mv    30:29

22    Mike Garner ?A3crg      Mv    30:37

23    Ian Hayden  Tornado Rcc Mv    31:17

24    Chris Tyler Portsdown Hill Cc Ms    32:06

25    Kevin Bannister  Hardley Runners  Mv    35:10

26    Phil Morris Fareham Wheelers Cc    Mv    41:32

      Nigel Baker Evolution Tri Club     Mv   

      Ollie Hollister  Crabwood Cc Mv   

      Rachel Clay Gs Vecchi   Fv   

      Michelle Walter  Bournemouth Arrow Cc   Fv   

      Chris Mcgovern   University Of Southampton Rc Ms   

      Andrew Mayfield  Bournemouth Arrow Cc   Mv   

      Richard Porter   Cc Weymouth Mv   

      Dave Dent   Gs Stella   Mv