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  • Date: 21-Jul-19
  • Time: 08:00
  • Distance: 25 Miles
  • Course: r25/3h
  • Closing Date: 09-Jul-19 23:59
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    • Espoir
    • Senior
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Double delight for The Independent Pedaler in South Wales

  • Published: 22 Jul 19
  • Written By: Frazer Snowdon
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Chris Fennell

Chris Fennell clocked a personal best while his team-mate at the Independent Pedaler Emma Lewis was fastest female at the Realteam.co.uk 25-mile time trial near Rhigos in South Wales on Sunday.

Fennell covered the course in 44-58 to inflict a rare loss on second-placed Marcin Bialoblocki (NOPINZ), while Ioan Smallwood (Cardiff Ajax CC) was a couple of minutes further back in third place.

Meanwhile, Lewis clocked 50-38 to win the women’s prize by more than two minutes from Anna Turvey (Drag2Zero), while Michelle Arthurs-Brennan (1904 RT) was third.

A week before the National 25, this event served as a final chance to hone skills, and Bialoblocki’s loss will have many wondering what will happen next weekend.

Conditions in the valley were mainly cloudy with a headwind to the turn – although it didn’t seem to materialise into a tailwind on the shorter return leg.

Scott Davies (Team Dimension Data) was a non-finisher with a mechanical, while Kelly Murphy (Storey Racing) would’ve finished third but was disqualified for persistent riding in the centre of the dual carriageway.

Junior George Elliott (Innovation Racing) was fastest in the junior/women’s event with 49-24, a time which would’ve put him an impressive 11th overall in the elite men’s event.

This was Fennell’s second victory of the weekend following a win in the VTTA Kent 10 on Saturday, and sets him up well for the National Championships. Similarly, Lewis was victorious in Kent on Saturday.

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Pos   Name  Club  Cat   Time

1     Christopher Fennell    The Independent Pedaler      M     44:58

2     Marcin Bialoblocki     NOPINZ      M     45:06

3     Ioan Smallwood   Cardiff Ajax CC  M     47:07

4     Arthur Franklin  Portishead Cycling Club      M     47:24

5     Will Bjergfelt   AeroCoach   MV    47:29

6     Jonathan Gates   Royal Air Force Cycling Association     MV    47:51

7     Christopher Gibbard    Bynea Cycling Club     M     48:09

8     Lee Perrott Cycle Specific   M     48:32

9     Alex Doherty     Goode2tri Team   M     49:14

10    Anthony Jones    Towy Riders Cycle Club MV    49:21

11    Robert Willcocks Royal Air Force Cycling Association     M     49:27

12    Nicholas Cousins Derby Mercury  RC M     50:03

13    Joe Rees    Cardiff Ajax CC  M     50:12

14    Greg Parker Estrella Bikes   MV    50:22

15    Tim Wood    Team Echelon     MV    50:38

15    Stuart Wells     Lindsey Roads Cycling Club   MV    50:38

17    Simon Garrett    Team Echelon     MV    50:41

18    Tony Chapman     Frome and District Wheelers  MV    50:48

19    Chris Jones Bynea Cycling Club     MV    51:03

20    Neil Mackley     ...a3crg    MV    51:06

21    Sean Vincent     Race Hub    MV    51:26

22    Andrew Thomas    ...a3crg    M     51:39

23    William Wallace  CC London   MV    51:44

23    Robin Short Performance Cycles CC  MV    51:44

23    Keith Dorling    Team Bottrill    MV    51:44

26    Gerry Bowditch   Pontypool Road Cycling Club  MV    51:57

27    Andy Thomas Lindsey Roads Cycling Club   MV    51:58

28    Phil Willoughby  Towy Riders Cycle Club M     52:00

29    Martin O'Sullivan Teddington and Turing Velo   MV    52:42

30    Duncan Shea-Simonds    Race Hub    MV    52:47

31    David Middleton  Cardiff Ajax CC  M     52:48

32    Antony Brown     Kettering CC     MV    52:53

33    Paul David Fleming     Preston Whs MV    52:55

34    Mark Hamer  Stratford Cycling Club MV    53:27

35    Jeremy Redford   Army Cycling     MV    53:36

36    Edward Priddy    Solihull CC MV    53:41

37    Leon Evans  Cardiff Ajax CC  MV    53:47

37    Thomas Dye  Cardiff Ajax CC  M     53:47

39    Mark Woolford    Team Swindon Cycles    MV    53:52

40    Adam Whittaker   Salt and Sham Cycle Club     M     54:11

41    Wolfgang Emmerich London Phoenix CC MV    54:13

41    Robert Francis   A2B Cycle Repair Race Team   M     54:13

43    Rod Hicks   Port Talbot Whs CC     MV    54:18

44    Andy Ashurst     Manchester Wheelers    MV    54:27

45    Simon Dighton    Beacon Roads CC  MV    54:33

46    Ben Price   Cheltenham & County Cycling Club  M     54:42

47    Robert Jones     Performance Cycles CC  MV    54:47

47    David Medhurst   Cardiff Ajax CC  M     54:47

47    James Fritchley  Westbury Wheelers M     54:47

50    Alex Leek   Velo Club St Raphael   M     55:14

51    Simon Cox   Chippenham & District Wheelers     MV    55:23

52    Simon Inman OVB   MV    55:44

53    Gary Rickards    Cheltenham & County Cycling Club  MV    55:47

54    Tommy Barlow     Clevedon & District Road Club      MV    55:48

55    Daniel Homer     London Phoenix CC MV    56:01

56    Steve Bray  Salt and Sham Cycle Club     MV    56:05

57    David Hargreaves North Lancashire Road Club   MV    56:06

58    Richard Tully    Elite Cycling    MV    56:09

59    Gareth Jones     Clevedon & District Road Club      MV    56:20

60    Jon Vickery Cwmcarn Paragon Road Club    MV    56:21

61    Steven Loraine   Team Swift  MV    56:33

62    Steve Franklin   Rugby Velo  M     56:36

63    Philip Elliott   Liverpool Century RC   MV    56:37

64    Jon Wilkinson-Lockyer  Team Tor 2000 | KALAS  MV    56:40

65    Michael Cope     Kettering CC     MV    56:44

66    William Grainger Andover Wheelers MV    56:49

67    Matt Robinson    Westbury Wheelers MV    57:08

68    Christopher Bailey     Lyme Racing Club MV    57:15

68    David Ireland    East Lancashire RC     MV    57:15

70    Rob Jones   Cardiff Ajax CC  MV    57:16inc 3:15 LS

70    Luke Vallance    Wrexham RC  MV    57:16

70    Phil Smith  Mid Devon CC     MV    57:16

73    David Singleton  Acme Whs (Rhondda) CC  MV    57:30

74    Diccon Hill Cardiff 100 Miles RCC  MV    57:35

75    Roger Wood  Pontypool Road Cycling Club  MV    57:38

76    David Wilson-Evans     Bynea Cycling Club     MV    57:39

77    Terry Icke  CC Weymouth MV    58:04

78    Les Thomas  Port Talbot Whs CC     MV    58:31

79    Andy Hazell Nova Raiders CC  MV    59:06

80    Steve Mountford  Solihull CC MV    59:23

81    Simon Drewett    Fairly United Cycling Team   MV    59:24

82    Gareth Williams  Hereford & Dist Whs CC M     59:31

83    Michael Collins  VC Sevale (Malvern)    MV    59:41

84    Roger Taylor     Frome and District Wheelers  MV    59:50

85    John French Oxford City RC   MV    1:00:17

86    Barrie Whittaker Lyme Racing Club MV    1:00:24

87    Daryl Godden     Gloucester City Cycling Club MV    1:00:25

88    Stuart Evans     Port Talbot Whs CC     MV    1:00:37

89    Neil Turner Hereford Triathlon Club      MV    1:00:42

90    Ricki Morgan     Team NBCC   M     1:01:34

91    Simon Kinsey     Virtual Cycling Club   MV    1:02:09

92    Alastair Luxford Full Gas Racing Team   M     1:13:31

      Peter Blackwell  Solihull CC MV    DNF

      Mark Ellis  Team Milton Keynes     MV    DNF

      Scott Davies     Team Dimension Data    M     DNF

      Phil Bowden Penzance Wheelers CC   MV    DNS

      Andrew Clarke    North Shropshire Wheelers    MV    DNS

      Max Lees    Leicestershire RC M     DNS

      Russell Horner   Team Sportslab   MV    DNS

      Sam Taylor  Weaver Valley CC M     DNS

      Philip Sims Newport Phoenix CC     MV    DNS

      Dean Prosser     Hereford & Dist Whs CC MV    DNS

      Dave Johnson     VC 10 MV    DNS

      James Churchard  Reading CC  MV    DNS

      Colin Carefoot   Preston CC  MV    DNS

      Marco Marletta   Cardiff Jif MV    DNS

      Chris Scawn Plymouth Corinthian CC MV    DNS

      Tim Phillips     St Ives CC  MV    DNS

      Paul Hayward     Pontypool Road Cycling Club  MV    DNS

      Rich Long   Merthyr CC  M     DNS

      Owen Burgess     Newport Phoenix CC     M     DNS

      Jonathan Barnes  Hereford Triathlon Club      M     DNS

      Gavin Tillson    cyclisme du loup solitaire   MV    DNS

      Ross Mcnally     Pembrokeshire Velo     M     DNS

      Ross Holland     Cheltenham & County Cycling Club  M     DNS

      Richard Hancock  Team Secret Squirrel   MV    DNS

      Howard Lewis     Mid Shropshire Wheelers      MV    DNS

      Andy Davies Cardiff Jif M     DNS

      Mark Corbett     Worcester St. Johns CC MV    DNS

      Grant Bigham     VeloRunner RT    M     DNS



Pos   Name  Club  Cat   Time 

1     George Elliott   Innovation Racing      Jun   49:24

2     Emma Lewis  The Independent Pedaler      W     50:38

3     Anna Turvey DRAG2ZERO   W     52:46

4     Calum Cheshire   Cardiff Ajax CC  M     55:18

5     Simon Hulme Royal Air Force Cycling Association     MV    55:32

6     Mark Glendinning Cowley Road Condors CC MV    56:12

7     Syd Brown   Innovation Racing      Jun   56:22

8     Mike Hall   Port Talbot Whs CC     MV    56:55

9     Phillip Turner   ATAC - Ammanford Triathlon And Cycling  MV    57:02

10    Joel Ackers Innovation Racing      Jun   57:07

11    Michelle Arthurs-Brennan     1904RT      W     57:18

12    Claire Shea-Simonds    Race Hub    WV    58:33

13    Kirsty Mcseveney ...a3crg    W     58:39

14    Ian Connolly     Ludlow CC   MV    58:50

15    Denise Burrows   THE Cycle Studio~Core Telecom~RPC WV    58:55

15    Emily Martin     Weaver Valley CC W     58:55

17    Andrea Parish    VeloSistas TT Team     WV    59:13

18    Mike Kirby  Banbury Star Cyclists' Club  MV    59:24

19    Jo Buckland PDQ Cycle Coaching     WV    59:28

20    Steven Jones     Bynea Cycling Club     MV    59:41

21    Benjamin Stone   Milford Tritons Cycling Club M     1:00:12    

22    David Garrett    Rugby Velo  MV    1:00:17    

23    Blaine Phelps    Merthyr CC  MV    1:00:22    

24    Phil Guy    North Shropshire Wheelers    MV    1:00:49    

25    Karen Taylor     Team Sportslab   WV    1:00:56    

26    Jeffrey Rees     Gower Riders Cycling Club    MV    1:01:10    

27    Joy Payne   Amersham Road Cycling Club   WV    1:01:22    

28    Robert Lucas     Port Talbot Whs CC     MV    1:01:42    

29    Maris Brugis     Bristol Road Club M     1:01:54    

30    Clare Greenwood  Bush Healthcare CRT    WV    1:02:14    

31    Robert Smith     Pembrokeshire Velo     MV    1:02:20    

32    Susan Shook Bush Healthcare CRT    WV    1:02:21    

33    Chris Harper     Penzance Wheelers CC   MV    1:02:23    

34    Robert Jones     Cardiff 100 Miles RCC  MV    1:02:43    

35    John Shehan Bynea Cycling Club     MV    1:02:51    

36    Richard Emery    Severn Road Club MV    1:03:07    

36    Vivienne Tomlin  1904RT      WV    1:03:07    

38    Tracy Rowlinson  Lyme Racing Club WV    1:03:12    

39    Janet Fairclough St Helens CRC    WV    1:03:31    

40    Philip Worbey    Cyclesense CC    MV    1:04:01    

41    Andy Cole   Frome and District Wheelers  MV    1:04:25    

42    Garry Shuker     Walsall Roads Cycling Club   MV    1:04:26    

43    Graham Green     Team Bottrill    MV    1:04:36    

44    Robin Shedden    Wrekinsport CC   MV    1:05:14    

45    Karen Dennett    Bishop's Stortford CC  WV    1:05:19    

46    Neil Hughes-Hutchings  Morden CRC  MV    1:05:27    

47    David Roe   Revo Racing MV    1:05:46    

48    Diane Wilson-Evans     Bynea Cycling Club     WV    1:05:57    

49    John Murphy Gloucester City Cycling Club MV    1:06:17    

50    Geoff Edgerton   North Shropshire Wheelers    MV    1:06:37    

51    Tasha Bevan Bicester Millennium CC WV    1:07:59    

52    Robert Jolliffe  New Forest CC    MV    1:08:09    

53    Harry Cowley     Chester RC  MV    1:09:31    

54    Helen French     Banbury Star Cyclists' Club  WV    1:09:41    

55    Lorna Rowland    Twickenham CC    WV    1:10:09    

56    Kevin Grant Frome and District Wheelers  MV    1:11:09    

57    Diane Hynam Bynea Cycling Club     WV    1:14:40    

58    John Howells     Corinium Cycle Club    MV    1:16:09    

      Sean O'Donnell   CC London   M     DNF  

      Rod J Weston     Team Bottrill    MV    DNF  

      Cameron Leslie   Royal Air Force Cycling Association     M     DNS  

      Ryan O'Rourke    Cwmcarn Paragon Road Club    M     DNS  

      Gerry Peppin     Corinium Cycle Club    MV    DNS  

      Brian Dalling    Swansea Wheelers/CS Abertawe MV    DNS  

      Patrick Weir     Team Jewson - MI Racing ~Poly Pipe~McCann     MV    DNS  

      Richard Rees     Cardiff Ajax CC  M     DNS  

      Paul Rees   Bynea Cycling Club     MV    DNS  

      David Bird  VTTA (Yorkshire) MV    DNS  

      Jon Knight  Pontypool Road Cycling Club  MV    DNS  

      Sara James  Clevedon & District Road Club      WV    DNS  

      Harry Kirby Bicester Millennium CC Jun   DNS  

      Katherine Brace  Tenby Aces CC    W     DNS  

      Jo Wilkie   Ride 24/7   WV    DNS  

      Stephanie Post   Team Bottrill    W     DNS  

      Kelly Murphy     Storey Racing    W     DQ