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  • Date: 23-Jul-17
  • Time: 07:00
  • Distance: 50 Miles
  • Course: P901/50
  • Closing Date: 11-Jul-17 23:59
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    • All Youth
    • All Junior
    • All Espoir
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Mapley and Sherwell race to glory in Southdown Velo 50

  • Published: 24 Jul 17
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James Mapley.

James Mapley and Elise Sherwell were the fastest male and female riders at Southdown Velo’s 50-mile time trial, staged in West Sussex on Sunday morning.

Mapley, the 30-year-old Blazing Saddles rider from Bognor Regis, covered the P901/50 course near Aldingbourne in 1:49.43 to take the win by just 25 seconds from 20-year-old Stephen Williamson (a3crg), while third spot went to Addiscombe CC’s 16-year-old talent Robert Drake, another 1-48 off the pace.

And with 18-year-old Paul Thompson (Epsom CC) finishing fourth, the top placings had a distinctly youthful feel to them.

Meanwhile, 41-year-old Elise Sherwell made it two victories for Blazing Saddles as she proved to be the fastest female, clocking 2:03.46 to place 19th overall and almost six minutes quicker than the next best woman.

Mapley has not placed outside the top ten in any of the open time trials he has ridden this season, and featured on the podium in the a3crg 10 last month and VC St Raphael 18 in February.

Elise Sherwell.

But this is his first victory of the season, and one he will be hoping to repeat in the a3crg 10 on Wednesday evening.

Sherwell, from Barnham in West Sussex, has shown good form throughout the 2017 season so far.

She was fastest female in Dulwich Paragon’s 18.6-mile time trial in May, as well as the Elite Cycling 10 that same month.

Since then she has placed second woman in Southborough and District Wheelers 25 in June, and was similarly runner-up in the women’s category at Southdown Velo’s 10 a couple of weeks ago.

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Place Forename    Surname     Team  Time

1     James Mapley      Blazing Saddles   1:49:43

2     Stephen     Williamson  ...a3crg    1:50:08

3     Robert      Drake Addiscombe CC     1:51:56

4     Paul  Thompson    Epsom CC    1:53:31

5     David Dalton      Fareham Wheelers CC     1:54:01

6     Paul  Byford      Crawley Wheelers  1:55:36

7     Peter Garnett     Swindon Road Club 1:56:07

8     Nigel Sign  Fareham Wheelers CC     1:57:17

9     Chris Jones Bynea Cycling Club      1:58:43

10    Shaun Smart Southdown Velo    1:59:25

11    Barrie      Watkinson   Bournemouth Arrow CC    1:59:52

12    Jon   Fry   Horsham Cycling   1:59:58

13    Andrew      Thomas      ...a3crg    2:00:26

14    Ian   Cheesman    Worthing Excelsior CC   2:00:52

15    John  Banham      Southdown Velo    2:01:01

16    Peter Baker Lewes Wanderers CC      2:02:16

17    Martin      Booker      Worthing Excelsior CC   2:02:27

18    Richard     Miles Bognor Regis CC   2:03:31

19    Elise Sherwell    Blazing Saddles   2:03:46

20    Colin Toppin      Brighton Excelsior CC   2:04:20

21    Donald      Parker      Brighton Mitre CC 2:05:14

22    Robert      Charles     Blazing Saddles   2:05:19

23    Sam   Bennett     7 Oaks Tri  2:07:00

24    Jonathan    Wren  Sotonia CC  2:07:55

25    Aaron Smith Bognor Regis CC   2:08:37

26    Kirsty      McSeveney   Fareham Wheelers CC     2:09:30

27    Arthur      Waghorn     Bognor Regis CC   2:14:50

28    Peter Davies      Brighton Mitre CC 2:15:41

29    Michelle    Walter      Bournemouth Arrow CC    2:17:43

30    Chris McGuire     Hampshire RC      2:18:23

31    John  Isard Hampshire RC      2:22:19

32    Peter Weaver      New Forest CC     2:25:07

33    Clive Jackson     Central Sussex CC 2:26:13

34    Gary  Chambers    NOPINZ      DNF

35    Nick  Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs DNF

36    Chris Lord  Brighton Excelsior CC   DNS

37    Marianne    Holt  Fareham Wheelers CC     DNS

38    Craig Wallington  Sarum Velo  DNS

39    Nick  Davy  C and N Cycles RT DNS

40    Jay   Hookins     Velo Club Cycling DNS

41    David Patten      Bognor Regis CC   DNS

42    Mark  Trimmer     Southdown Velo    DNS

43    Bob   Richardson  Bournemouth Jubilee Whs DNS

44    Perry Lee   Southdown Velo    DNS

45    David England     Crabwood CC DNS