north lancs rc (hilly)(l&l spoco)

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  • Date: 06-Mar-16
  • Time: 09:00
  • Distance: 28 Miles
  • Course: L281
  • Closing Date: 23-Feb-16 23:59
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    • Juvenile
    • Junior
    • Espoir
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Gullen smashes course record in the Circuit of Pendle

  • Published: 16 Mar 16
  • Written By: Jamie Carson
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Pedal Heaven’s in-form rider James Gullen sliced more than a minute and a half from the old course record as he powered his way to victory in the 28-mile Circuit of Pendle on Sunday, promoted by North Lancashire Road Club in Lancashire.

The 26-year-old Lancaster-based rider, who won the previous weekend’s Rossendale CC hilly 11 as well as the second round of the Lancaster University Spring Criteriums the day before, clocked 1-00-06 to take victory by almost five minutes from his nearest rival.

"I really wanted to break the hour mark, and was flying round," said Gullen, who will now prepare for the prestigious Eddie Soens Memorial at Aintree Racecourse next Saturday.

"I got held up a few times at roundabouts and by cars, and I was pushing such a big gear it took time to get back up to speed again. I would be powering up the climbs so that I could ease off on the descents and save my energy.

“I wanted to go under the hour, but I beat the old course record by over a minute and a half, so I'm pleased with that."

Black ice on the course had delayed the start of the Sunday morning event by an hour, giving riders an extra worry as they hurtled round the course.

Second spot went to Preston CC’s Matt Moorhouse with 1-04-55, while over-40 veteran Mark Haydock (North Lancs RC) was a minute further back in third place.

Molly Horsley-Frost (Buxton CC) was the fastest female with 1-21-38, around three and a half minutes quicker than the next best woman, Sue Cheetham (North Lancs RC).

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Pos Rider Club cat Time

1 James Gullen Pedal Heaven R.T. M 1:00:06

2 Matt Moorhouse Preston C.C. M 1:04:55

3 Mark Haydock North Lancs Road Club V40 1:05:55

4 Stephen Ayers Bronte Wheelers M 1:06:22

5 Paul Fleming Preston Wheelers V50 1:06:54

6 Louis Szymanski ABC Centreville M 1:07:11

7 Andy Ashurst Manchester Wheelers V50 1:08:04

8 Ross Malpass THR Racing M 1:08:06

9= Rob Weir Ilkley C.C. M 1:08:29

9= Doug Hart Ilkley C.C. V40 1:08:29

11 Craig Battersby Team Chronomaster V40 1:09:00

12 Darren Brackwell Lakes Road Club M 1:09:25

13 Nicholas Pilling Team Chronomaster M 1:09:52

14 Ian Sibbert Garstang C.C. V45 1:10:07

15 Austin Foy Fogarty Insurance Tri Team M 1:10:34

16 Paul Braithwaite Pendle Forest C.C. V40 1:10:38

17 Jimmy Wright Preston Wheelers M 1:10:53

18 Sam Holden Lancashire Road Club M 1:11:00

19 Nathan Turnbull Leigh Premier R.C. M 1:11:18

20 Andy Marshall VS Cycles Brighouse V45 1:11:20

21 Chris Southworth The Nab Racing Team M 1:11:27

22 Mark Horsley-Frost Buxton C.C. V45 1:12:04

23 John Bamford Team Chronomaster V40 1:13:06

24 Sam Anderton North Lancs Road Club M 1:13:07

25 David Hargreaves North Lancs Road Club V65 1:13:13

26 Mark Goodchild Preston C.C. V50 1:13:18

27 Philip Knupfer Manchester Bicycle Club M 1:13:50

28 Mark Brearton The Endurance Store V45 1:13:53

29 James Lindsay Racepace M 1:13:54

30 John Gibson Wigan Wheelers V45 1:14:13

31 Ian Harcourt Team Aspire M 1:15:43

32 Damien Ludlow Rossendale R.C. V40 1:16:12

33 Carl King Adalta Cycling Club V45 1:16:42

34 Martin Welsh Pendle Forest C.C. V50 1:16:46

35 Stuart Timmins North Lancs Road Club V55 1:17:00

36 Mark Read Manchester Wheelers M 1:17:35

37 Paul Warrener Rossendale R.C. V45 1:17:41

38 Gary Murfin Settle Wheelers V45 1:17:47

39 Eamonn Quinn Lakes Road Club V55 1:17:50

40 Gary Sedgwick North Lancs Road Club V50 1:19:29

41 Richard Dewhurst Ribble Valley C.R.C. M 1:19:42

42 David Cookson Preston C.C. M 1:20:01

43 Andrew Dent Pendle Forest C.C. V50 1:20:32

44 Ian Wilcock Nelson Wheelers C.C. V45 1:21:28

45 Molly Horsley-Frost Buxton C.C. WV40 1:21:38

46 Michael Taylor Rossendale R.C. V50 1:22:00

47 Dave Horton Lancaster C.C. V45 1:23:13

48 Roger Haydock North Lancs Road Club V65 1:23:53

49 Adrien Watts Rossendale R.C. V55 1:23:59

50 Sue Cheetham North Lancs Road Club WV50 1:24:54

51 Stephen Moorhouse Nelson Wheelers C.C. V55 1:24:58

52 Dave Bateson Horwich C.C. V60 1:25:39

53 David Hilditch Ribble Valley C.R.C. V60 1:27:54

54 James Edge Cleveleys Road Club V70 1:28:03

55 Holly Carter Manchester Wheelers W 1:32:13

56 Harry Haseley North Lancs Road Club V70 1:33:17

57 Brian Fogarty Fogarty Insurance Tri Team M DNS Apol

58 Julian Monk Rossendale R.C. V50 DNS Apol

59 Neil Hughes-Hutchins Morden C.R.C. M DNS Apol

60 Ian Duckworth Nelson Wheelers C.C. V40 DNS Apol

61 Ian Cox Fogarty Insurance Tri Team V40 DNS Apol

62 Paul Julien Fogarty Insurance Tri Team V45 DNS Apol

63 Campbell West Kent Valley Road Club M DNS Apol

64 Adam Baines Team Chronomaster M DNS Apol

65 John Fenwick Harrogate Nova C.C. V60 DNS Apol

66 Jan Scotchford North Lancs Road Club WV45 DNS Apol

67 Peter Thomas Kent Valley Road Club M DNS Apol

68 Phil Robinson Janus R.C. V45 DNS Apol

69 Bill Smith Cleveleys Road Club V65 DNS

70 Paul Stupples St Helens Tri V45 DNS

71 Derek Schofield Rossendale R.C. V60 DNS

72 Peter Greenwood Team Swift V60 DNS

73 Roy Flanagan Rossendale R.C. V55 DNS

74 Nikola Matthews Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C. W DNS