Affiliating To The CTT

Follow this guide to affiliate your club for the first time or renew an existing club. Clubs can now affiliate online.

The Affiliation Process

If a participant wishes to ride a open CTT event, they are required to be a member of an affiliated club with the CTT.

Only currently affiliated clubs will be available in the drop down list of clubs when registering for a new account.

If your club is not listed, you may need to either affiliate for the first time (New Clubs) or renew the affiliation status (Existing Clubs)

New Clubs

If you are a club which has not previously affiliated with the CTT, please follow the below steps:

  • Complete the online club registration form with your club details
  • NOTE: You require a CTT account. If you do not have a CTT account, please register for one here first and select the club "#I have no club" as your club
  • Upon submission of the online club registration form your details will be passed to the district officials for approval
  • NOTE: If you are unsure of your district, please contact for further assistance
  • If your club is approved, you may then login to pay any affiliation fees.
  • A full guide on managing your club via the CTT website can be found here
Existing Clubs

If your club is currently affiliated with the CTT and you wish to renew the affiliation or manage things via the CTT website, please follow the below steps:

  • Login to the "Club Panel" (This can be found when clicking on your name in the top right. The link will read Club Panel)
  • NOTE: If you cannot see this link, your account has not yet been linked. Please contact so we can link your CTT account with the club you wish to manage

For a comprehensive guide on managing your club and renewing your affiliation, click below: