Course Code: J2/3

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Risk Assessment

Course Code: J2/3

COURSE J 2/3 10 miles

START In Twemlow Lane at a "JS4" mark just east of Hermitage Lane in line with the hedge on Hermitage Lane.. Proceed eastwards to the A535 at

TWEMLOW GREEN 1.047 m left along the A535 to:-

CHELFORD ISLAND 5.661 m encircle the island and retrace along the A535 to:-

FINISH 10.000 m at a “JF4” mark by the far post of the last field gate on the left of A535 at Twemlow Green before the Yellow Broom Restaurant


NOTES These MUST appear on the start sheet.

1 Care At Road Junctions. Riders must exercise care at all junctions. Any competitor whose riding line causes him/her to cross the white line when approaching or leaving a junction will be liable to disqualification and may be reported to the District Committee for further disciplinary action.

2 Riders must negotiate Chelford Island in a safe and sensible manner in accordance with CTT Reg. 20 and the rules of the road. Riders must be able to brake and stop at the island if traffic conditions require this. Riders MUST NOT USE their tri-bars between the first bollard they pass on entering the island and the last bollard they pass leaving it. Any rider seen to be in breach of this regulation will be disqualified from the event and may be reported for further disciplinary action.

Course Details

Category Distance
10 miles

Course Records

Solo Open
Adam Duggleby
24-Jul-21 | Manchester & District Ladies CA (Invitation)(Men)
Solo Female
Emily Martin
24-Jul-21 | Manchester & District Ladies CA (Women)
Solo Open (Junior)
George Elliott
23-Mar-19 | Manchester & District TTA (Ass Junior Championship Event 3)
Solo Female (Junior)
Hebe Picking
24-Jul-21 | National Youth Championship (Manchester DC (Championship Entry Forms )(under 17 on 31st August)
Linda Felton, Paul Warrener
24-Mar-18 | Manchester & District TTA Cheshire Points Series 3 of 20 (Tandems)(Fee per rider)
Team TT
Craig Moody, Levi Moody
29-Sep-18 | Warrington Road Club (2 upTTT)(Fee per rider)