Course Code: GS/338

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Risk Assessment

Course Code: GS/338

CTT LONDON SOUTH DC  -  8.79 MILES CIRCUIT COURSE  -  GS/338                                      Page 1






OS   REF                  DETAILS                                                                                                                                                    DISTANCES

344439                  START  in Croydonbarn Lane, near Horne, 16 yards west of water hydrant on  south          0.00        0.00

                                side of road and 44 yards east of entrance to Horne Park Golf Centre


                                Proceed west to junction with Bones Lane. Turn LEFT and follow Bones Lane to

355426                  junction with Brickhouse Lane near Horne Park Farm                                                                                 1.36        1.36


352441                  Turn LEFT and follow Brickhouse Lane to junction with Croydonbarn Lane                            1.03        2.39


344439                  Turn LEFT  along Croydonbarn Lane to complete first lap at start point                                  0.54        2.93


344439                  Continue as before to complete second lap at start point                                                          2.93        5.86


344439                  Continue as before to FINISH at start point                                                                                   2.93        8.79



COURSE NOTES                                                                                                                                                             (CR/LSDC/1002)


District Reg. revised 08/07

Course re-measured by Robin Johnson 08/07                                                                              



GENERAL NOTES  to be displayed at Signing On Point

London South District regulation: No vehicles, except those of the timekeepers and event officials, shall be parked in the

vicinity of the start and finish areas.



Competitors are requested not to warm up on the course after the first competitor has started.

Details of any Additional Hazards will be displayed or advised at the Signing On Point. All Competitors must take note

of these details when they sign on.



Promoters should refer to the GENERIC Risk Assessment and check that all measures to reduce risk have been covered.

Should a hazard be noted that is the responsibility of the Highways Authoririty, please advise the London South Assistant

Secretary (Courses)  -  see details in the CTT Handbook

Promoters should be familiar with CTT Regulations and, in particular, the Sections “Duties of Promoting Secretaries” and

“ Abandonment or Postponement of Events” as published in the CTT Handbook.

Promoters should keep  Signing On Sheets for one year after the event if there has been no incident in connection with the

event and for three years if there has been an incident. If Entry Forms and Check Cards are used, these should be kept for

the same period.




COURSE DETAILS for submission on the Police Notification Form.

The Course details given below are in a format suitable for the Police Notification Form:-


GS/338   START in Croydonbarn Lane, near Horne, 44 yards east of entrance to Horne Park Golr Centre. Proceed west to

Bones Lane. LEFT and follow Bones Lane to junction with Brickhouse Lane. LEFT and follow Brickhouse Lane to junction with

Croydonbarn Lane. LEFT to complete first circuit. Complete two more circuits to FINISH at start point.






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