Board meeting topics - 4 December 2021

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The meeting, attended by all directors and the National Officials, being the third face to face meeting since early 2020, opened with a review and approval of the minutes from the previous meeting held on Saturday 30th October 2021.

The normal agenda format had been amended slightly, so that the questions received, on the published Cycling Time Trial’s annual report, could be addressed, in preparation for Sunday’s National Council meeting.  The meeting reviewed each of the received questions in turn and where answers had not already been completed by the management team, directors provided the appropriate responses.  Nick Sharpe left the meeting to format the Q & A sheet and organise the printing, in readiness for distribution at the National Council meeting.  

Topics and reports considered/discussed during the rest of the meeting included:

  • Update on the development & changes to website
  • 2021 Hill climb feedback
  • 2022 National Championships – issues
  • 2023 National Championships


  • Gold Badge presentations
  • Centenary events confirmation
  • Merlin Classic Series
  • 2021 Joe Summerlin Award update


It was reported that the 2022 Champions Night will take place on Saturday 5th February 2022 at Staverton Park, Daventry Road, Staverton. NN11 6JT.  Invitations are being prepared and will be sent out when the final list of invitees is confirmed.

It was confirmed that the insurance policy and the increased premium, that was reviewed at the last meeting had been progressed, with the 2022 season’s insurance now in place.

The meeting was brought up to date with recent communication with EPIC.  With several relevant proposals being on the National Council agenda, the Chair had emailed the EPIC contact, advising that a meeting would be best, after the National Council meeting, when the outcome would be known, together with the new board members present.

An update, provided by the treasurer, on how the finances were performing, against the budget prepared for 2021/2022, showed that the comments from the previous report were still current.  Club event levies from a number of districts are still to be advised and received.  On receipt, a more accurate picture of the CTT finances will be available to report on.

The finance group spokesperson, provided a short summary of their group workings and that a further meeting would be held by Zoom in the coming month.

The communication team spokesperson provided a comprehensive update on the areas that were being progressed.  These included  NOT limited to: 

  • Social Media Policy update
  • Spindata update

In addition, following on from the board having a very positive and progressive Zoom meeting with Snowdon Sports, it was agreed on the content/nature of future press releases and that their agreement with CTT would be extended.

The date of the next board meeting, probably a face to face, will welcome the new directors is yet to be confirmed as a date in January 2022.

This communication has been prepared, on behalf of the board of directors, with any comment/questions about its content directed at Sue Bowler, the CTT Chair.  Contact details: