CTT welcome volunteer nominations.

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In the CTT calendar, we are in the midst of District Annual General Meetings and approaching the National Council Annual General Meeting, planned for December 2021.  Whilst the most significant proportion of all CTT Board Meetings have been held by zoom during 2021 and there was a curtailed AGM for 2020 due to Covid, there will no doubt be much business to get through at the 2021 AGM which will be held face to face.

Part of that business will be the appointment of new Board Members and welcoming new Directors onto the Board.  This is where you come in as this is a brilliant opportunity to bring your experience, your ideas and suggestions to the Board of Directors – to work positively and collaboratively to progress this sport of time trialling that we love.

If it is something you are thinking about, then you have just under 2 weeks to submit your nominations to Nick Sharpe, National Secretary (Legal & Corporate).  If you are asking yourself, why would I want to get involved, then here are some of the things that have been happening in 2021 and which will continue into 2022 and beyond ……..

  • Increasing transparency with our CTT community has been important to the board, so here are some of the highlights:-
    • Board communications introduced by the temporary Chairperson and commenced in July and will continue monthly
    • Establishing a website working group to look at website and broader IT developments
    • Plans for 2022 to celebrate the first time trial
    • Progressing a CTT vision for the future as part of the strategic plan
  • Collaboration and a new partnership with Spindata which will expand further in 2022
  • Current and future IT opportunities – On-Line Club Events (including payments), testing an electronic timing system, wider use of the API
  • Communications – working group focussing on Riders, Event Organisers and Districts as well as how to support new Board Members
  • Finance – working group looking at how to ensure our finances go further, particular in times of increasing inflation and costs and getting best value for money from our partners, investing wisely for the future development of the sport
  • Working on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion which will see discussions with Epic

It is important to be clear about what to expect and also what it is not:-

  • There are 10 Board Meetings within the year, but it is NOT 10 full weekend commitments.  The Board use Zoom facilities for the majority of the meetings – these will be planned to be time-boxed to around 4-5 hours per meeting – ensuring our Board Members have time for themselves, their families or other commitments in the weekends where the Board Meetings are planned.
  • There will be face to face meetings but these will be kept to a minimum and will include attendance at the Annual General Meeting
  • The Board of Directors are volunteers – this is fully understood and appreciated, therefore being a director is NOT a “full time” time commitment.  Because the Board of Directors are all volunteers, your time commitment to contribute to any specific working groups outside of the main board activities is fully respected and entirely within your control.  It is absolutely something that can be balanced with full time working and any other commitments that you may already volunteer for within CTT – such as District Committee activities, Event Organiser, Timekeeper, other District Officials.  Some of our current Board still work full or part time, whilst many others have family and volunteer commitments.

It would be awesome to have volunteer nominations from our existing riders, event organisers, timekeepers, other volunteer participants – you are at the sharp end of Time Trialling and can bring your experience and your insight to the table.

Nominations are to be back with Nick Sharpe by 5pm on Friday 22nd October 2021 – here are some eligibility criteria to be aware of, how you prepare for and submit your nomination.

To be eligible for election as a director you must be a member of your district committee and be entitled to attend and qualified to vote at a National Council meeting in accordance with CTT article 27.4(e); i.e. elected as one of your district’s delegates to represent your district at the National Council AGM.  You will need to be nominated by either your district secretary or district chairperson.

So please, get involved.  If you think it is not for you but you know someone else would be just perfect, then please encourage them to submit a nomination.

Click the link to download the CTT nomination form and information on being a Company Director - https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/documents/index/riders 

Thank you.

Cycling Time Trials Board of Directors and Team