Coronavirus update - 23-02-2021

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As the difficulties surrounding Covid-19 continue, finally there is light on the horizon as regards the resumption of competition. The position varies as between England, Scotland and Wales.

On 22 February, the government published its “Roadmap” to set out the way forward and the gradual relaxation of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Formally organised outdoor sports will be allowed to resume in England from 29 March 2021. To be allowed to go ahead, any such sport will need to be compliant with guidance issued by the relevant National Governing Body.

The government plan to ease lockdown requires four tests on vaccines, infection rates and new coronavirus variants to be met. If that does prove to be the case and those tests are satisfied, then organised outdoor sport will be able to resume once more in England from and including 29 March 2021.

Cycling Time Trials is pleased to confirm that as the situation stands at present, it is not proposed to extend the current suspension of events beyond that date. Accordingly, assuming that there is no change to the government “Roadmap”, both Type A and Type B events can be held from and including Monday 29 March 2021.

When holding an event, whether that be a Type A or Type B event, it is essential that the requirements as set out in the CTT COVID-19 risk assessment are followed. If any club or organiser is in any doubt as to whether or not an event can proceed, please contact the National Secretary (Legal & Corporate)

The Covid-19 risk assessment and guidance – Putting on a Cycling Time Trials Events under Covid-19 is available on the CTT website:

CTT will continue to monitor the position closely. The threat of Covid-19 and the risk of infection does still remain. If you are not well or showing signs of Covid-19 then please do not attend at any CTT event.

Police notification forms – open and club events

Although this may have been done already, clubs and organisers are reminded that they should send the PNF to the relevant police authority to ensure the necessary legal requirements will have been complied with. The PNF must be received by the relevant police authority at least 28 days before the day of the event.

Currently, organised outdoor activities in Scotland are not permitted. Following the Scottish government’s announcement today, it is not yet clear when formal organised sports in Scotland will be able to resume. A further statement will be issued by the Scottish government in mid March and it is hoped that this will provide some clarity as to when formal organised sports in Scotland can take place once more. Accordingly, there cannot be any time trials in Scotland until such time as this situation changes.

Similarly, organised outdoor activities in Wales currently are not permitted. As such, there cannot be any time trials in Wales until such time as this situation changes. A further announcement is expected from the Welsh government in a little under three weeks’ time.

23 February 2021