Updated risk assessment and guidance documents - 16/07/20

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In light of the recent relaxation in social distancing, the CTT risk assessment to be followed when putting on a CTT event has been amended slightly. This can now be found on the CTT website under the Covid-19 section https://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/documents/index/covid-19  

 Also on the Covid-19 section is a copy of the risk assessment showing tracked changes, so that the changes made from the previous version (dated 16 June 2020) can easily be seen.

In the main, the changes relate to (1) competitors on tandems riding CTT events; (2) making it clear that competitors must not leave personal possessions with the time keeper; (3) at the discretion of the organiser and provided social distancing can be maintained, competitors can use turbo trainers to warm up; and (4) local lock down.

The CTT guidance "Putting on a Cycling Time Trials Event during COVID-19" has also been updated slightly to reflect the changes made to the risk assessment.

For those clubs that are able to promote events in 2020, thank you very much. This has been a very difficult year.  Whereas events can now be held in England, there are still government restrictions in place in Wales that will limit the size of the field in events.  For those in Scotland, the legislation does not yet allow for time trials although it is hoped that this may change at the end of July.

As always, if you have any queries, please contact support@cyclingtimetrials.org.uk  

Thank you.

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