Your sport needs you!

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With the recent publication of the risk assessment and guidance on how to plan and promote events after the 4th July, it is clear that many organisers and their helpers/marshals are either in the “at risk” age group, have underlying health issues that puts them “at risk” or they are caring for someone in the “at risk” groups which means we are subject to having events cancelled due to lack of people to support.  This applies to both club and open events.

If you are not in the “at risk” group, now is the time to step up and offer your assistance in the running of the events that we all love to ride.

From the 1st June there have been over 85 events cancelled on the CTT website (events dated between 4th July and 11th October) and if no one steps up to help, many more will be cancelled as well. If you love to time trial, offer your services for an event and help out, otherwise there simply won’t be any events for you to race in.

You can search the events via the website, and  if you can help out in any way at all contact the organiser, promoting club or district and offer your services.