Event Entries

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All events for 2016 are now showing and available for entry.

In order to make it as easy as possible and so that organisers don't have to retrieve entries from two different sources, events up to and including 2nd May will use the old Chameleon System.

When you enter an event you will be automatically directed to the correct system.

If directed to the Old System, you will have to use your old login details to complete your entry.

Chameleon accidentally opened all 2016 events for entry for a few days at the end of February.
This resulted in circa 400 entries being made in the old system.
These entries will be manually transferred to the new system over the coming weeks.

If you entered any events after 2nd May on the Chameleon system, please register ASAP on the new site. This will help us in migrating your entries to the new system.

To check your entries for events prior to 3rd May and to retrieve entries you need to visit/login to the Chameleon System.

The URL for the Chameleon System is https://evententry.ctt.org.uk/