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Well what a year it has been. If someone told me at the start of the year that I would have had a year like I have I would  have told them they were dreaming. 
Looking way back into march now seems like an age ago. My season didn’t exactly start the way I wanted it to as I contracted pleurisy 3 weeks prior to my first race which meant I was very ill during my first few races. 
However this year overall has been amazing I have travelled to some amazing places such as going to Canada to ride my bike and seeing some amazing sights. I have gained results I never thought I could ranging from a victory in the National Closed Circuit Champs to getting my apprenticeship for Jaguar Land Rover. I have decided to list some of by main results from the past season just to make this report a bit shorter. 
 Knights Classic rounds 2,4,5 First Junior and Overall in round 5
Regional 10 Mile Junior Champ 
National circuit Champs 2nd 
Overall Junior and Team series win Knights Classic 
R25/3H 49:48 Not a win but a mega achievement for me 
Regional 25 Mile Junior Champ 
National 25 died a slow awful death 12th  
National 10 2nd Junior 
30 Mile Junior Competition Record 
Closed Circuit Champs 1st Junior 22nd Overall 
National HC Champs 24th Junior "Fun Race" 
Junior Champion of Champions 5th in the Overall rankings
5th in Junior BBAR
C in A-Level Maths to get an apprenticeship at Jaguar Land Rover 
This year has been one big roller coaster of education and cycling. Some of my results are a little less than what I aimed to achieve but given the circumstances that arose leading up to these races not much could be done to help this. 
I am now looking forward to a winter of hard training ahead of joining the big leagues of U23 lads.  
Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to CTT for giving me a scholarship for the year to help with my training and racing. Thank you to Gavin Russell for helping me to gain the scholarship in the first place and for continuing to push racing in the North East. Thank you to my Coaches for the year Stu Auckland and Simon Beldon for constantly pushing me to achieve the very best results I could get from my body. Thank you to Matt Bottrill and the rest of the team for supporting me and always being friendly and offering great advice. Thank you to the other racers for pushing me and providing some very tough competition this year.  
And finally the biggest thank you I have to give. Thank you to my two wonderful parents who have selflessly travelled the length and breadth of the country with me all year to take me to races. Who have always aimed to provide me with the kit I need to race. My mum for always aiming to get my nutrition right (Even when I didn’t always comply) and to my dad for always helping me out no matter what the problem was. They are also my biggest fans and for this I can’t thank them enough. 
Thank you everyone for an amazing year. 

Closed Circuit, 1st Junior
Presentation at Closed Circuit with Sheila Hardy