Blazing Saddles 50 - 24th June 2018

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On 20 September 2018 a complaint was received alleging that the course used for the Blazing Saddles 50 (held on 24 June 2018) was short.

The complaint was investigated and the course remeasured between the start and finish points that were used for the Blazing Saddles 50. 
This exercise was carried out by a highly experienced course measurer.  The course was measured at 49.8 miles. 

 Consequently, the times recorded in the Blazing Saddles 50 held on 24 June 2018 are null and void for all purposes (to include the BBAR) other than for the event itself. 

The event was removed as a BBAR qualifier on the CTT website and the automation ran overnight with the current standings displayed.