V718 - Deadline extended

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The deadline for objections to the proposed banning of cyclists from the A63 in East Yorkshire has been extended, meaning there’s still time for you to write in and save one of the most popular time trial courses in the country from the axe.

Even if the V718 is not a course in your area, this is a precedent that could ultimately see cyclists banned from many roads across the country.

Now is the time for the cycling community to come together – and Cycling Time Trials has joined with Cycling UK to fight this proposed ban.

Only written objections will be accepted by Highways England, so Cycling UK have set up an online system which makes it free and simple for you to register your protest and have it submitted on your behalf prior to the new deadline of March 12.


The above link will take you to the page to fill in your details.

All you need to do is add your name and details, click "next" and you'll be taken to a template submission which also allows you to add your own views.

If you intended to write to object but didn’t get round to it, there is still time – and with the above online form from Cycling UK, it has never been easier.